Sprunggelenkbandage aus der Apotheke oder Drogerie

Ankle bandage from the pharmacy: Is that always enough for ankle injuries?

Statistics show it clearly: the ankle is particularly frequently affected by sports injuries . Whether after or before an ankle injury - professional and amateur athletes are well advised to effectively protect the ligaments, tendons and joints in the foot area. This can be achieved with the help of bandages and orthoses. In this article you will learn the difference between classic orthoses and supports from the pharmacy and drugstore and our innovative, award-winning ankle support The BetterGuard .

What is a simple foot bandage from the pharmacy or drugstore for?

For minor injuries to the ankle or Achilles tendon, simple bandages and orthoses from drugstores and pharmacies are sometimes sufficient. The orthoses and bandages available there are aimed at three main factors: They are intended to reduce effusions , stimulate blood circulation and have a relieving effect on acute irritations. Corresponding products are available for Achilles tendon, ankle and ankle joint injuries.

The function of an ankle support on the foot explained

How does a foot bandage from the pharmacy work?

These simple bandages and orthoses from drugstores and pharmacies usually have various components such as heel wedges, various pads or even reinforced zones . In some cases, Velcro fasteners are also integrated. This makes it easier for you to put it on and wear it easily and precisely.

Bandages from pharmacies and drugstores are preferably made of air-permeable and compressive microfibers . Typical examples are nylon, spandex, silicone and polyester. Materials of this type offer very high abrasion and tear resistance as well as above-average elasticity .

Various components are intended to ensure protection, stability and comfort

In order to optimize the texture, various manufacturers often combine these materials with, for example, cotton, elastodiene, elastane or polyamide. For bandages that have particularly strong stability, materials such as neoprene, polypropylene and hard plastic are the preferred solution.

Particularly soft materials are usually used in the clamping area . This should improve the wearing comfort for the respective user. The primary goal is always to use the ankle bandage from the pharmacy to increase stability and protect joints, ligaments and tendons .

Simple bandages from the pharmacy or drugstore are limited in their function

The effectiveness of an ankle bandage from the pharmacy is limited

However, the area of ​​application of such pharmacy and drugstore bandages is limited . An ankle bandage or an ankle bandage from the pharmacy only really supports low-grade ankle ligament injuries and similar injuries. It always depends on how severe the sprain is, which region is specifically affected and how many ligaments are affected. Our blog posts on the topic of “ Torn ankle, what to do ” and “ Torn ligament healing time ” are also interesting in this regard.

The different levels of severity briefly explained

Injury Grade 1 : In this case, your ligaments in your foot are only slightly overstretched and you complain of pressure pain that is accompanied by only slight swelling. This leads to overstretching of the ligaments.

Injury grade 2 : According to the diagnosis, there is a tear in the ligaments, which is reflected by clearly visible swelling and moderate pain. The injury also causes slight instability of the ankle joint, which is accompanied by a noticeable restriction of movement.

Grade 3 injury : The doctor diagnoses a complete tear of the ligaments. As a rule, a torn ligament in the ankle joint sometimes causes very severe pain. There is also noticeable swelling in the injured area. A bruise usually also forms. In this case, your ankle is unstable and cannot initially be put under pressure.

Your solution for getting back into sport: the Betterguards sports bandage

Your solution for getting back into sport: the Betterguards sports bandage

An ankle bandage from the pharmacy can be used to reduce swelling in first-degree injuries . For an ankle injury of grade 2 and especially grade 3 severity, you should consult a doctor and rely on a specially specified and optimized bandage.

Ensuring a smooth return to sport after an ankle injury - an ankle bandage from the pharmacy or drugstore cannot do that . This is where our innovative ankle support from BetterGuards comes into play. In contrast to pharmacy or drugstore bandages, the Betterguards variant is a sports bandage that effectively stabilizes and protects your ankle during sport. How does it work?

As an athlete, you benefit sustainably from these properties and functions

Thanks to the patented technology, the mechanism only triggers in critical rotation or rolling movements . You can think of it like a seatbelt in a car. In all other situations, the BetterGuard gives you full freedom of movement.

It also helps you return to the field quickly and with confidence after an ankle injury. You can use it as preventative protection against (re)injury. A simple foot bandage from the pharmacy or drugstore does not offer you such a high level of protection and mobility . Awarded the Sport Technology Award 2023 as the best product for injury prevention, this sports bandage represents a wide range of properties and functions that are significantly different than a simple bandage for the ankle from the pharmacy or drugstore.

The NFL stars and brothers St. Brown wear The BetterGuard

The BetterGuard sets new standards in the sports sector

This becomes clear not least in the intelligent functionality, which represents a significant development step in this segment. Feel free to look at the historical development of ankle supports . The function and effectiveness of The BetterGuard has been sufficiently proven through comparative tests . Many professional athletes already wear BetterGuard to protect themselves from further injuries. These include the tennis players Bojana Marinkovic & Anastasiya Kuparev , the German basketball stars and brothers Moritz and Franz Wagner from the NBA and the St. Brown brothers in American football.

Try The BetterGuard and experience sports in a whole new way without any worries!

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