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    Experience Betterguards Technology

    Each year in Europe, over 27 million people experience upper ankle injuries.

    The idea that joint-protection is only possible through restricted mobility is a thing of the past.

    We develop and produce adaptive protective devices for human joints, tendons, and muscles.

    Our patented Betterguards Technology enables a never before seen combination of protection and freedom of movement.

    Areas of Application

    Betterguards Technology offers unique joint-protection that doesn’t get in the way of productivity and mobility.



    Medical Technology

    Shorten rehabilitation times, increase confidence in a chronically unstable ankle, or make neurological disorders more manageable.

    For bandages and orthoses.

    Our Partner:

    joint protection

    Sports & Activities

    Play to the fullest without fear of injury!
    Achieve maximum performance through freedom of movement and confidence in optimal protection.

    For shoes, gloves, or protectors.


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    joint protection

    Work Safety

    In critical situations, our technology offers increased stability which provides relief to the joints – thereby decreasing the prevalence of accidents at work.

    For work shoes and field boots.

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    B2B – achieving more together

    We are technology suppliers for the sport, biomedical, and work-safety sectors.

    Together we will develop your products and find smart solutions to implement our Betterguards System into your product.

    Due to our independent product development, we are uniquely tailored to meet your design specifications.

    Our Pledge


    We combine research with passion and inspire enthusiasm for innovative, preventive joint-protection systems of the highest quality.

    Evidence-based Development

    All new products go through an extensive testing process. Tested on specially developed mechanical benches and by professional athletes, we only offer products that are have been proven to be safe and reliable.

    Extensive Customer Service

    The integration of a new technology requires the adaptation of existing processes. Through direct and constant project support, we facilitate optimal outcomes for our partnership.

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    We manufacture independently!

    Our production site in Brandenburg is built on the LEAN principle which allows for optimally efficient production.

    Through this, we are able guarantee a very high quality product while remaining adaptable in the production process.


    Testimonials and Experts

    joint protection

    Julian Boerner
    Arminia Bielefeld – Football

    „Betterguards provides me with an ingenious joint-protection system that still gives me the freedom of movement that I need to play football.“


    Julius Schroeder
    Füchse Berlin – Handball

    „Optimal protection and with maximum freedom of movement. You do not realize that you are wearing a bandage until you need it.“


    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Kraft
    TU Berlin, Department of Medical Engineering

    „A paradigm shift in injury prevention – Betterguards combines joint-protection and freedom of movement.“

    joint protection

    Patrick Scheiel
    1. BC Beuel – Badminton

     Despite the very light, comfortable and barely noticeable bandage, I felt safe from the start.”



    Evidence-based development! Knowledge ascertained from personal needs, implemented with passion, and judged at the highest standards.

    With the help of the self-developed test benches in our laboratory, we can achieve the highest performance of your products.

    More about our Lab

    „A safety belt for the joints.“

    -Berliner Morgenpost

    „Such a product would be great for people with joint problems.“

    -Technology Review