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    The innovation against joint injuries:
    Betterguards Technology

    Each year in Europe, over 27 million people experience upper ankle injuries.
    These painful experiences result in long pausing times in sport & leisure and work environments. In the past, the injuries have been treated with orthoses (acute treatment) and soft supports – both only provide protection or a high range of motion.

    Our innovative and multi-patented technology ensures a natural range of motion and only intervenes in critical situations (for example twisting the ankle).

    Like a safety belt in a car – but for joints.

    Innovativer Gelenkschutz - das Betterguards System

    Areas of application

    Betterguards Technology offers unique joint-protection that does not affect performance or mobility in a negative way.

    das Sprunggelenk hat ein hohes Verletzungsrisiko

    Medical technology

    Our technology can be integrated into soft supports to prevent injuries. Implemented in orthoses the Betterguards System is able to enhance rehabilitation times and therefore reduce consequential damage caused by immobilization.

    Sports & Activities

    Play to the fullest without fear of injury!
    Achieve maximum performance through freedom of movement and confidence in optimal protection.

    For shoes, gloves, or protectors.

    Occupational safety

    In critical situations, our technology offers increased stability without losing the freedom of movement. With the combination of protection and natural movement, our technology provides relief to the joints – and thereby decreasing the prevalence of accidents at work.


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    B2B – Reaching Higher Together!

    We operate as a supplier of our technology and development partner for companies in the area of medical technology, sports & activities, and occupational safety. Together we develop: