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An ankle injury in football can be devastating, and could sideline your game for an entire season or more. Protect your ankles with The BetterGuard and stay in the game.


The ultimate ankle brace for football

Built for the relentless demands of football, The BetterGuard keeps you on top of your game. Ultra-lightweight and designed for agility, it seamlessly adapts to your every cut, lightning-fast stops, and unexpected turns.

Football ankle support that's made to move

The BetterGuard is the first adaptive sports ankle brace for football, offering a dynamic fit that adapts to your every move. Experience foot and ankle mobility with built-in stability that reacts in milliseconds to stabilize the ankle joint only you need it most.

Don't let ankle injuries sideline your season

Get the ankle support you need to ball out on the pitch


Why we made this

Ankle injuries are the #1 most common injury in football

According to Team USA Soccer, ankle sprains are the most common football injury

35% of all injuries

One study found 35% of all injuries in football are to the ankle joint

Avg. 48 days lost to injury

The same study found that players missed 48 days on average from each ankle sprain

80% ankle sprains

The most common ankle injuries experienced by football athletes are ankle ligament sprains (80%)

5x more likely

Athletes are 5x more likely to sustain recurring ankle injuries upon their return to football

We built the best football ankle brace based on science, not tradition

Traditional lace-up braces were never built for the demands of football players. Designed in partnership with professional athletes, The BetterGuard cuts through the noise with its dynamic, mini-ankle stabilizer that delivers reliable levels of support only when you need it.


Discover football ankle support that works like magic

Here's why The BetterGuard is the best ankle support for football

Foot and ankle mobility

Maintain a seamless foot feel on the field. The BetterGuard empowers your footwork with a high range of motion and ultra-slim fit that feels like a second skin.

Adaptive support

The BetterGuard's mini ankle stabilizer aids in preventing ankle injuries with dynamic support. The BG POWER reacts in milliseconds to unexpected lateral inversion and supination movements, giving you extra support when you need it to help you stay ahead of the game and reduce your risk of injury.

Accelerate recovery

The BetterGuard empowers your return to the field with a high range of motion to re-build mobility, and targeted support to minimize re-injury risk throughout recovery.*


Experience explosive agility with The BetterGuard's ultra-lightweight, breathable compression sock that wears like a second skin.

The perfect fit

The BetterGuard's ultra-slim strapping system and minimalist design slides seamlessly inside your boots, giving you the perfect fit.

Pros use The BetterGaurd

Trusted by top athletes worldwide, The BetterGuard ankle brace is a reliable choice to aid in injury prevention and accelerated recovery.

Move better. Recover faster.

Reduce your risk of soccer ankle sprains with The BetterGuard ankle brace


Ankle protection created by science —loved by athletes

Invest in The BetterGuard to protect your ankles from common football injuries, just like the pros.

Bernard Kamungo

Forward, FC Dallas

Bella Folino

Midfielder, BYU

Savanna Mason

Goalkeeper, BYU

Kendell Petersen

Forward, BYU

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Protect your ankles with The BetterGuard so you can focus less on ankle sprains and more on playing your best match.


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*Comparison of an adaptive ankle brace to conventional taping for rehabilitation of acute ankle injury in young sub-elite soccer players: a pilot study, Krobholz D et al. Accepted for publication by JSR