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The ultimate ankle protection for American football

Designed for players who are constantly cutting, stopping on a dime, and changing the game. The BetterGuard is ultra-lightweight, versatile, and sleekly designed to help you stay on the field without holding you back.


Trusted by NFL players

Discover why Pro Bowl wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown of the Detroit Lions and his brother Equanimeous St. Brown trust The BetterGuard to help them avoid injury and stay in the game.


Experience ankle support that's made to move

The BetterGaurd is the world's first adaptive ankle brace, offering football players complete mobility and responsive stability that reacts 3x faster than your body in critical situations.


Why we made this

Don't let ankle injuries sideline your season

One of the worst American football injuries is a sprained ankle. The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society estimates 25,000 people sprain their ankles every day.


20% of all injuries in American football, are to the ankle joint


72% of all American football players will experience ankle injuries


One study concluded that 1/10 ankle injuries in the NFL are career-ending


We built a brace based on science, not tradition

Designed in partnership with the NBA Launchpad, The BetterGuard is built for today's fast-paced game. Its secret weapon lies in the innovative mini ankle stabilizer beneath the surface. This technology adapts to your movements, providing dynamic ankle support on the field during explosive cuts and quick changes of direction, all while maintaining a high range of motion for optimal performance.


Ankle support that works like magic

Here's why The BetterGuard is the best ankle brace for American football

Foot and ankle mobility

Tackle quick turns, sprints, and clean cuts confidently in the world's most advanced ankle protection system.

Adaptive support

The BetterGuard mini ankle stabilizer reacts 3x faster than your body to stabilize the ankle joint and aid in injury prevention.

Accelerate recovery

The BetterGuard helps you get back on the field faster and prevent re-injury during recovery.


Made with breathable, lightweight compression, The BetterGuard is remarkably lighter than traditional American football ankle braces, allowing for explosive movement without excess weight.

The perfect fit

The BetterGuard slides perfectly inside your mid- and low-top football cleats and molds to your movements, giving you the perfect fit.

Pros use The BetterGaurd

Trusted by top athletes across the NFL and NCAA, The BetterGuard helps the pros recover faster and stay on the field.

Move better. Recover faster.

Reduce your risk of ankle sprains with The BetterGuard ankle brace


Ankle protection created by science — loved by athletes

Thousands of pro, college, and high school players trust The BetterGuard to help them stay in the game.

Amon-Ra St. Brown

WR, Detroit Lions

Equanimeous St. Brown

WR, New Orleans Saints

Jojo Phillips


Jack Bech


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Daniel “Booby” Gibson and our ankle brace for basketball

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*Comparison of an adaptive ankle brace to conventional taping for rehabilitation of acute ankle injury in young sub-elite soccer players: a pilot study, Krobholz D et al. Accepted for publication by JSR