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The ultimate ankle brace for handball

Move with precision and confidence on the court. The BetterGuard ankle brace is designed for the dynamic demands of handball. Our ultra-lightweight, breathable design offers targeted support that seamlessly integrates with your movements, so you can focus on every explosive cut, lightning-fast stop, and game-changing play.

Advanced ankle support for handball

Own the court with confidence

Experience the supportive stability you need to push your limits and dominate the competition. The BetterGuard ankle brace is meticulously designed to support your explosive movements.

Why we made this

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in handball

The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society estimates 25,000 people sprain their ankle every day in the U.S. alone.


A study in the National Library of Medicine showed 24.8% of all injuries in handball are to the ankle joint.


According to the VBG Sports Report, 64.4% of handball ankle injuries occur through contact.

13.9 days

In Handball Bundesliga, the professional handball league in Germany, players averaged 13.9 days of injury-related downtime per competition.


Science meets movement

The BetterGuard isn't your typical ankle brace. It features an innovative ankle stabilizer that adapts to your every step, jump, and change of direction. This dynamic support lets you move freely without sacrificing stability, so you can perform at your best on the court.


Discover handball ankle support that works like magic

Here's why The BetterGuard is the best ankle brace for handball players

Move with freedom

The BetterGuard's flexible design moves and bends with you, offering support without restricting your foot's natural movements.

Adaptive support

The mini ankle stabilizer inside works intuitively to support your ankle during sudden inversion and supination movements, helping you maintain stability and confidence on the court.

Return with confidence

The BetterGuard's targeted support helps minimize re-injury risk, so you can confidently get back on the court feeling your best.


The BetterGuard's remarkably lightweight compression design is barely there, allowing for explosive movement without weighing you down.

The perfect fit

The BetterGuard's adjustable straps and streamlined ankle support integrate seamlessly with handball shoes, so you can focus on your game.

Pros use The BetterGaurd

Trusted by some of the top handball players in the world, The BetterGuard ankle brace is a reliable choice to aid in injury prevention and a faster recovery path.

Move better. Recover faster.

Reduce your risk of handball ankle sprains with The BetterGuard ankle brace


Created by science — loved by athletes

The BetterGuard ankle brace is chosen by handball players of all levels, from aspiring athletes to seasoned veterans, to help them move with confidence on the court.

Nils Lichtlein

U21 Handball World Champion & MVP

Franziska Peter

Team Germany

Marius Steinhauser

Hannover Recken

Dani Baijens

Paris Saint-Germain

Say goodbye to tape and bulky ankle braces

Move with freedom and experience the support you deserve. The BetterGuard ankle brace seamlessly integrates with your game, so you can focus on what truly matters – effortless performance and total confidence on the court.


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Nils Lichtlein at the 2024 European Handball Championships with The BetterGuard

Nils Lichtlein at the 2024 European Handball Championships with The BetterGuard

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Review: The BetterGuard a Game Changer in Injury Prevention?

Review: The BetterGuard a Game Changer in Injury Prevention?

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Daniel “Booby” Gibson and our ankle brace for basketball

Daniel “Booby” Gibson and our ankle brace for basketball

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