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The ultimate ankle support for tennis players

The BetterGuard is engineered for tennis's explosive movements. Its ultra-lightweight, dynamic design seamlessly adapts to every powerful serve, swift change of direction, and lunging volley, allowing you to unleash your full potential on the court.

Experience the tennis ankle brace that's made to move

Unleash your power and agility without sacrificing stability. The BetterGuard is the first adaptive ankle brace engineered to help tennis players perform on the court. Its dynamic fit seamlessly adapts to every explosive step, aggressive change of direction, and powerful stroke. Built-in ankle support reacts instantly to help prevent lateral ankle sprains, a common tennis injury, keeping you dominating the court.


Why we made this

The most common tennis injury: Ankle sprains

Sports injuries can take you away from playing tennis and other physical activities you love. A report from the International Tennis Federation says a sprained or rolled ankle in tennis is the most common injury.


Another report found that tennis ankle sprains were the most common serious injury.


A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that in tennis, sprained ankles accounted for 30.2% of injuries.


According to the Journal of Athletic Training, 70% of individuals who sustain an acute ankle sprain may develop residual physical disability, including chronic ankle instability.

We built the best tennis ankle brace based on science, not tradition

Tennis demands peak performance, and traditional ankle braces are designed to hold you back. The BetterGuard was co-developed with professional athletes and leading sports medicine experts. It's engineered for dynamic ankle support that adapts to your every move, so you can unleash your full potential on the court.


Discover tennis ankle support that works like magic

Here's why The BetterGuard is the best ankle support for tennis

Foot and ankle mobility

The BetterGuard unlocks your command of the court with foot and ankle mobility and a high range of motion that adapts to every step, swing, and explosive movement.

Adaptive support

The BetterGuard features a small ankle stabilizer that reacts quickly to sudden ankle rolls or twists (inversion and supination). This provides extra support to the ankle joint when needed most, helping to maintain ankle stability and reduce the risk of injuries.

Faster recovery

The BetterGuard empowers your return to the court with a high range of motion to re-build mobility, and targeted support to minimize re-injury risk throughout recovery.*

Breathable compression

The BetterGuard's ultra-lightweight compression feels like a natural extension of your foot, allowing for explosive agility and seamless movement during every swing and step.

The perfect fit

The BetterGuard's low-profile design fits comfortably in tennis shoes, providing a snug and secure feel.

Pros use The BetterGaurd

Trusted by pro athletes worldwide, The BetterGuard ankle brace is a reliable choice to aid in injury prevention and accelerated recovery.

Move better. Recover faster.

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Tennis ankle support created by science — loved by athletes

Developed by sports medicine experts and trusted by pro athletes

Jamie Loeb

2015 NCAA Champion
ACC Player of the Year

Ana Kuparev

Top 150 ITF

Max Schönhaus

Top 25 ITF Juniors

Bojana Marinković

Top 500 WTA Doubles

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Invest in protecting your performance on the court. Match moves with confidence and focus on every shot with The BetterGuard ankle brace.


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Review: The BetterGuard a Game Changer in Injury Prevention?

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Daniel “Booby” Gibson and our ankle brace for basketball

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*Comparison of an adaptive ankle brace to conventional taping for rehabilitation of acute ankle injury in young sub-elite soccer players: a pilot study, Krobholz D et al. Accepted for publication by JSR