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Basketball injuries - our intelligent ankle bandage offers maximum protection

Basketball injuries - our intelligent ankle bandage offers maximum protection

Basketball still has a reputation for being a largely non-contact sport. The rules are designed accordingly. A small touch on the opponent's hand is enough for the referee to classify the touch as a foul and punish it accordingly.

In practice, however, more than a third of the players get injured each season. According to current figures, there are an average of 1.97 injuries per season and player. Basketball, football and handball are similar in terms of the most common types of injuries. In all three sports, the thigh, the knee joint and above all the ankle joint are particularly badly affected by injuries.

Landings, stops and turns constantly stress the ankle

The healing process in ankle injuries can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months , depending on the severity of the injury. Despite recovering from the injury, the ankle often continues to cause minor and major problems afterwards. Basketball in particular is a sport in which high, powerful jumps, sudden stops and abrupt turns are among the classic movement patterns.

In order to perform at your best in basketball, you need a completely intact ankle. These injuries were the undoing of former NBA athlete Daniel “Booby” ​​Gibson and ultimately forced him to retire.

How to prevent ankle injuries in basketball with The BetterGuard

The protection of the ankles should therefore be the focus. The following applies: Prevention instead of treatment ! With The BetterGuard you now have an innovative solution for effective protection and prevention at your disposal. The bandage combines maximum protection with natural freedom of movement without restrictions. Thanks to the innovative mini piston inside, it acts much more intelligently than conventional bandages in critical situations.

The protective effect in the event of a critical ankle twisting is comparable to that of stiff bandages. However, The BetterGuard offers you a very high degree of freedom of movement with normal movements and does not restrict you. Feel free to read more about the results from a comparative study of traditional bandages and The BetterGuard and how to prevent basketball injuries.

Abrupt movements as a common cause of basketball injuries

There are various reasons why ankle injuries are also typical injuries in basketball. On the one hand, it is due to the complex structure of the ankle joints. Because several ligaments stabilize this joint in the foot. On the inside, the fan-shaped Delta strap provides the necessary stability. On the other hand, the outside is stabilized by three bands arranged in a T-shape. If a twisting movement now occurs, the outer ligaments are stretched in most cases. In the worst case, they even tear. On the other hand, the causes of many injuries in basketball lie in particular in the fast and abrupt movements in combination with jumps and landings.

The muscles are not always able to intervene to stabilize in time

The ankle takes on important functions that make such movements and jumping actions possible in the first place. As a result, the ankles of basketball players and basketball players are exposed to constant stress during games and training . The muscles around the ankle also play an important role here: they have the task of additionally stabilizing the ankle. Since the twisting movements usually happen quickly, the muscles cannot always react in time and intervene to stabilize. The consequence of this: There is a tear in the outer ligament .

Due to the unique technology of Betterguards - the BG POWER - the protective mechanism of The BetterGuard reacts three times faster than the muscle and can thus effectively protect against twisting in these situations.

Athleticism and toughness have increased enormously in basketball

Added to this is the fact that meanwhile there has also been a degree of hardness in basketball that did not exist in this form in earlier times. One or the other elbow is often given out or attempts are made to undermine balance and accuracy with a jump shot, for example, by means of hidden touches.

The athleticism and the power effect have long since reached a whole new level. Right under the basket there is sometimes a real fight going on. Because this is exactly where centers that weigh well over 100 kilograms often collide. They then use this mass and power massively to enable them to get through.

Basketball + The BetterGuard = Injury Prevention

When dunking, the strain on your own body and especially on the ankle is also enormously high. In these cases, the risk of injury is always greatest on landing . Even the slightest deviation in posture can negatively affect the landing after the jump, causing you to twist your ankle .

This can also happen with abrupt movements and quick changes of direction. In this case, our BetterGuards ankle bandage, which is both protective and comfortable, can prevent injuries caused by twisting or spraining . At the same time, it reduces the extent of damage while maintaining natural freedom of movement. Basketball, injury prevention, and The BetterGuard should always be mentioned in the same breath.

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