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Volleyball: one of the most popular sports in the world

Volleyball is becoming an increasingly popular sport around the world. It's a fast-paced and exciting game that requires coordination, skill and strategy . Good communication within the team is also crucial. Playing volleyball is a great way to keep fit and have fun with friends or family.

The ankle plays a crucial role in volleyball. The small joint provides the movements necessary for jumping, running, turning and pushing off. This allows players to move around the court quickly and efficiently. The ankles are particularly prone to injury due to their position and movements in play.

Umknickplattform für Volleyball

Risk of injury in volleyball

When you twist your ankle playing volleyball, you can sprain, tear or strain ligaments or tendons, and other ankle injuries. Depending on how much force was expended during play, these injuries can range from mild to severe. Healing can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

To minimize your risk of injury when playing volleyball, you should warm up regularly and do muscle exercises . Make sure your muscles have good blood circulation and train to change direction. To protect your ankle, land as softly as possible after jumps and with your knees bent.

If you want extra protection , our product is what you need. The BetterGuard is a smart ankle brace that lets you focus on the game without worrying about ankle injuries.

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  • BETTERGUARDS limitiert bei einem Umknicken aktiv das Ausmaß der Inversion
  • Bei Landungen gibt es keine negativen Auswirkungen auf das Kniegelenk
  • Es gibt bei normalen Bewegungen keine Einschränkung in der Bewegungsfreiheit
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  • Höhere Bewegungsfreiheit als dauerhaft stabilisierende Bandagen & Orthesen
  • Höhere Nutzerakzeptanz vom BG PROTECTION System gegenüber Vergleichsprodukten
  • Gleichwertige Schutzwirkung gegen Umknicken wie steife Orthesen
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