Mann schlägt beim Pickleball auf

Former tennis world number one Kim Clijsters, football legend Tom Brady and now basketball superstar LeBron James all have a new love: pickleball . In fact, they are so enthusiastic about this new sport that they are already investing heavily in various pickleball teams.

Pickleball comes as a classic racquet game that feels like a mix of tennis, badminton and table tennis . The game is preferably played on badminton courts or similarly large hard courts. However, the network hangs deeper. The racquets are slightly larger than table tennis racquets and the pickle balls fly about a third slower than tennis balls. The similarities to the various sports are nevertheless unmistakable. Even the injury history of tennis, badminton and table tennis is almost 100 percent reflected in Pickleball .

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Whether it's minor injuries or serious injuries - pickleball as a sport shows almost identical injury patterns as in tennis, table tennis or badminton . In the upper part of the body, the wrist, shoulder and elbow are the most prone to injury. In the lower area, the knee is often affected. According to Missouri Medicine , classic ankle injuries are the most common form of pickleball injury .

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Minimize your risk of injury when pickleball and protect yourself and your body. The BetterGuard is a smart ankle brace that lets you focus on your game without worrying about ankle injuries .

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Frau schlägt beim Pickleball auf

After a long ordeal, Struck was not only able to heal his injury. He was also able to completely overcome the fear of renewed ankle injuries. Our innovative and intelligent ankle bandage The BetterGuard plays a decisive role in this.

This is due to the completely new structure of the sports bandage. Unlike traditional models, this new variant does not remain rigid. Rather, the newly developed bandage for your ankles works like a kind of safety belt. A multi-patented mini-piston is integrated inside the bandage, which precisely cushions and stabilizes in a sprain situation - and at least as well as a stiff orthosis, as the study comparison between conventional and our modern ankle bandage by Willwacher et al. (2023) shows.

In normal game situations, the mechanism is passive and not restrictive. In addition to maximum protection, this also gives you exceptional freedom of movement . No conventional bandage offers you such an effective interaction of functional advantages.