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The BetterGuard

Tech enabled ankle brace

Prevent instead of treat! As part of the NBA Launchpad - the NBA's start-up accelerator - BETTERGUARDS has developed its first own sports bandage: The BetterGuard works like a safety belt for your ankle joints.

With the BG POWER at its heart - an intelligent mini piston - the bandage offers you exceptional freedom of movement in normal situations [1] . During critical inversion/supination movements the mini-piston is activated and stabilizes your ankle extremely effectively [2] - three times faster than your body [3] .

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The new bandage from BETTERGUARDS is the result of successful cooperation between engineers, athletes and biomechanists. It sits perfectly on your foot. Convince yourself with our interactive model.

The BetterGuard provides a high range of motion. But if you twist your ankle, the stabilizing protection of the BETTERGUARD is available to you within milliseconds, to lower the risk of ankle injury. And then? Carry on as if nothing had happened.

The BetterGuards technology
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