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The future of sports performance is here. Real sports science and adaptive support combine to reduce your risk of injury and accelerate recovery. So you can focus on what matters most: performing at your peak.


The BetterGuard

Finally, ankle support that won't compromise performance.

The BetterGuard is the only high-performance gear offering exceptional ankle support without sacrificing foot and ankle mobility. By adapting to your movements, we’re able to provide both flexibility and protection in an ultra-lightweight design. It's everything you need when you need it.

Behind the design

Innovation at its core

The magic behind The BetterGuard is the state-of-the-art ankle stabilizer at its core. Using micro-hydraulic technology, The BetterGuard adapts to your movements, offering exceptional freedom of movement without sacrificing essential ankle support.

Explore every detail

Explore The BetterGuard's intuitive design in stunning detail. Click and drag to view the product from any angle. Discover how each meticulously crafted component works together to deliver exceptional athletic performance with superior support and unmatched freedom of movement.

How it works

The BetterGuard is the only adaptive ankle support, offering athletes freedom of movement AND ankle stability in one device. The mini ankle stabilizer inside activates at impact and stabilizes the ankle joint 3x faster than your body.


Science in sports performance

At Betterguards, we lead with science in sports technology. We're committed to sports medicine that helps elite athletes move better and recover faster. Driven by science and athlete feedback, Betterguard is inspiring better movement worldwide.


Sports science labs

Traditional medical devices and testing methods weren't designed for the high-velocity movements real athletes experience every day. Recognizing this gap, Betterguards' engineers developed specialized testing benches to evaluate the functionality and effectiveness of adaptive ankle protection. Partnering with sports medicine professionals, we conducted rigorous studies — internally and externally — to validate its effectiveness. This commitment to groundbreaking research ensures The BetterGuard offers unparalleled support and redefines injury prevention for athletes.

Elite sports medicine

We leverage a multi-pronged approach, utilizing advanced models, test benches, and scientific studies conducted alongside sports medicine professionals. This commitment to evidence-based research and testing ensures the ankle protection system's effectiveness. We evaluate the protective effect and long-term durability across various running speeds and shoe types through testing on both artificial foot models and gait simulations.

Backed by sports medicine professionals

Meet our product development and scientific advisory team

Dr. Tobias Consmüller

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Steffan Willwacher

Professor Biomechanics & Fundamentals Engineering

Dr. Michael Clark

Founder & CEO

Keke Lyles

Former Director of Performance
Golden State Warriors

Aaron Cooper

Former Director of Innovation

Elron Bochardt

Chief Product Officer

Amo Paul

Manager Product Development

Lillian Rickermann

Head of Product R&D

Kevin Struck

Biomechanical Engineer

Ultra dünne und leichte Sprunggelenkbandage für Football mit Equanimeous St. Brown aus der NFL
All players should wear The BetterGuard — not just in practice but also in games — because injury is such a big part of the game. I personally suffered an ankle injury my second year in the NFL and missed the whole year. I definitely could've used The BetterGuard then, but I'm happy to have it now.


Equanimeous St. Brown
WR, New Orleans Saints


Science-backed results

At Betterguards, we follow science, not tradition. Third-party evaluations by leading sports medicine professionals provide invaluable data, fueling our innovative spirit and commitment to advancing injury prevention in athletics.

Adaptive ankle brace effectiveness

Our third-party effectiveness study confirms The BetterGuard effectively reduces the risk of injury by limiting ankle inversion during sudden tilt and allowing unrestricted natural movement in the foot, ankle, and knee.

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Comparing adaptive vs. traditional ankle support

The BetterGuard offers superior user comfort and freedom of movement compared to traditional rigid and lace-up ankle braces, while delivering at least equivalent protection against ankle sprains.

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Demonstrating faster return to sport for pro athletes

Clinical trial: Pro athletes who wore The BetterGuard returned to sport 54.4% faster than those who relied on traditional ankle injury recovery methods.

(Pending publication)

Reducing the risk of severe ankle injuries in pro athletes

Ongoing clinical trials involving professional athletes show a reduction in severe ankle injuries when using The BetterGuard compared to conventional methods.

(Ongoing study)

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