Handballspieler Alexander Coßmann im Spiel

4 years injury free thanks to Betterguards

 I have been testing BETTERGUARDS supports for over four years now, from the first prototypes to the final design: The BetterGuard.

Alexander Coßmann, Wilhelmshavener HV, Kreisspieler

Without The BetterGuard, I won't go out on the field again!

I wear and test the supports up to twice a day, six to seven days a week, both in matches and in training. This allows me to give a lot of feedback to the development team, even under the heaviest strain, to make the product better and better for athletes like me. During my time with the Berlin Foxes, my former colleague Kevin Struck introduced me to BETTERGUARDS and I was impressed by the technology and the products from the very first second. 

Handballspieler Alexander Coßmann im Training mit The BetterGuard

The best protection I've ever had

It is the full freedom of movement combined with the protection that you feel as a player when the system protects against twisting your ankle in critical movements that convinces me. The BetterGuard is an irreplaceable companion for me, because since I've been wearing the adaptive supports, my ankles have been injury-free!

Alexander Coßman, circle player, Wilhelmshavener HV

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