Umknicken beim Joggen im Wald

Jogging in the forest - how even the smallest bumps can cause problems

In the many years that I've been on the soccer field, I've also suffered a lot of injuries: especially ankle injuries . Once your ankle is affected, it can happen again and again. Just a while ago while jogging in the forest: inattentively deep in thought, a small bump in the ground – and boom, I heard the all-too-familiar banging in the bands.

My foot swelled up in seconds and my first thought was "I'm 3 km deep in the forest - alone". I then tormented myself back, but my thoughts revolved around one thing in particular: regret . This was proof that jogging in the woods can be dangerous . Why didn't I just wear protection, knowing that repeated injuries would take a toll on me unstable ankles have.

Prevention is the A and O

I was too lazy again Putting on or taping a bandage is simply too convenient, because all known systems are very clumsy and interfere with free running . But still: If only I had had good protection ... so it was again a few weeks break, physio, etc.

Had it then The BetterGuard given - the ankle bandage from Betterguards - I might have been able to go pro ;)

Jogging in the forest despite ankle instability

Running in the woods with The BetterGuard without fear of twisting your ankle

The Betterguards bandage with the integrated adaptive ankle protection is just right for lazy people like me. For people who don't want to waste time taping before the game, even before jogging. It protects like an orthosis, but is as easy to put on as a normal sock or flexible bandage .

Such a unique brace fascinates

I can also confirm that this is the first and so far only bandage that I have I voluntarily wear in my soccer shoes as they are not clunky, bulky or rigid, but rather fit snugly like a second skin.

THANK YOU Betterguards, if only you had existed sooner!

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