Nils Lichtlein als Ambassador bei der Handball EM 2024

Nils Lichtlein at the 2024 European Handball Championships with The BetterGuard

Nils has been a tester of our Betterguards system for many years. He was there when we tested our first prototype in cooperation with Füchse Berlin. It was clear to him that the innovative technology could revolutionize his own game.

A severe ankle injury forced him to take a break

In November 2021, he suffered a serious ligament injury after twisting his right foot. It later emerged that he had torn all three outer ligaments as well as the inner ligament in his upper ankle.

He did not return to play until September 2022. There were complications that delayed his recovery and required a second operation.

Nils Lichtlein as Ambassador attracts The BetterGuard

His ankle injury didn't just affect his foot

Nils felt how strongly this draining process not only affects the body, but also the mind. His head wasn't ready to give 100% on the field again.

He rebuilt his security and strength, his confidence in himself, with the help of friends, family and teammates. We added another safety factor.

Due to his long downtime and his knowledge of how difficult it is to come back to the field, he was enthusiastic about our protection system from the start. It triggers three times faster than your body in critical situations.

Nils Lichtlein becomes an official Betterguards Ambassador

We were able to officially recruit Nils as our ambassador in 2023. In the summer he won the U21 World Championship and was even named MVP of the entire tournament.

Since wearing The BetterGuard , he has never had an ankle injury again and would never go on the field without The BetterGuard again.

He is currently playing the European Championships in the national team's professional squad and has already scored his first goal - with The BetterGuard on his ankles, of course.

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