Daniel “Booby” Gibson und unsere Sprunggelenkbandage für Basketball

Daniel “Booby” Gibson and our ankle brace for basketball

Daniel "Booby" Gibson was a very promising basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. Due to a variety of ankle injuries, he had to end his career prematurely. Despite multiple surgeries, Daniel Gibson couldn't get over the intractable injuries, which led to his retirement in 2015. However, he has since found a new role as coach of the Cavaliers in the NBA. Booby's path shows the challenges that athletes have to face and how much torn ligaments and other ankle injuries can affect the entire career and thus the life path of athletes.

The BetterGuard: The best ankle brace for basketball according to Daniel Gibson?

Betterguards met Daniel Gibson in Las Vegas during the NBA Summer League. He was immediately enthusiastic about the bandage and went on stage for the pitch in front of the NBA together with our CEO as well as our investor.

What Booby said on stage

"My NBA career ended early due to ankle injuries, which kept occurring. They are inevitable in our game. I I am pleased to represent a product with The BetterGuard that helps ensure that others do not have to have the same experience as I. The fact that the product is so comfortable to wear makes it the perfect solution for use in professional sports as an athlete you want a product that doesn't limit your performance ."

We're proud to have Booby on board as our Ambassador and look forward to spreading his outreach to as many athletes as possible so they don't suffer the same fate as Daniel Gibson !

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