Gute Schuhe für dein Sprunggelenk – Prävention im Sport mit intelliger Bandage

Good shoes for your ankle – prevention in sports with intelligent supports

Whether you're trying to dunk under the basket or training for your next adventure hike, one thing is certain: your ankles are exposed to a lot of stress and their health plays an important role in your sporting life. These must be protected from injuries, especially in professional sports. We'll tell you which ones Ankle shoes exists and why low-cut shoes are particularly effective in combination with The BetterGuard.

The athlete's biggest enemy - ankle instability and chronic twisting

Ankle instability and constant twisting are a common problem that athletes have to face. Especially this one Injuries to the ankle joint can significantly limit the fun of training and competition later.

Whether basketball, football, tennis, handball, volleyball, soccer or on the next hike: In all of these sports there is a risk of twisting an ankle. It is crucial to take the right measures and act preventatively. This is the only way you can avoid injuries or recurring accidents. Such an effective first measure are shoes that are gentle on the joints .

Shoes for the ankle joint and what problems going without them brings with it

Maybe you know this: past sports injuries have slowed you down and forced you to miss out on valuable training time. You may have already used comfortable sneakers or running shoes to protect your ankle. However, they don't really protect your joints.

In order to be better prepared for the next game or training in the future, you should think about your choice of footwear. For an optimal result, also look for the right ankle bandage. These are special ones Shoes that support the ankle joint and keep you from twisting your ankle.

The right shoes for ankle problems – are high-cut shoes the solution?

The right shoes for ankle problems – are high-cut shoes the solution?

High-cut shoes, with a raised side profile, have been and are becoming more common in the past preventive to Ankle stability used in sports. However, a high-cut shoe only offers effective protection against twisting an ankle under certain conditions.

A high shaft: In order to provide effective stability in the event of an ankle twist, the shaft of the shoe must extend over the ankles . If it ends below - as is the case with many sports shoes - then there is no stabilization above the ankle in the event of an ankle twist and therefore no effective protection.

Padding and Fit: The more padding there is in the collar and shaft area, the less effective these shoes are at protecting you and building up a stabilizing force against twisting your ankle . The shoe should also fit snugly in both the metatarsal and around the ankle joint to enable direct power transmission when an ankle twists.

The lacing: The looser the shoe is laced or the more elastic the laces are, the greater the loss in stability when an ankle twists . Therefore, you should make sure that your lacing is comfortable but tight and closed.

The shoe sole : There has been a trend towards increasingly soft soles, especially in running shoes. The softer the sole, the less stability it offers when stepping on stones or doing side lunges. Therefore, you should make sure to choose a stable sole for your sport. Additionally, high soles provide greater leverage when twisting an ankle and can make the condition worse. Pay attention to the right balance between stable sole and comfort .

Disadvantages of the high-cut shoe: It is understandable that such a high-cut shoe can provide good protection. The problem, however, is that such a shoe comes with disadvantages. The more stable the shoe is and the better it can protect against twisting, the more it restricts natural freedom of movement and at the expense of wearing comfort. In particular, the restriction of the natural range of movement can lead to problems such as the breakdown of the naturally stabilizing muscles . In the worst case, forces can also be transmitted to other joints such as the knee or hip joint and can lead to injuries and irritations there.

But there is good shoes for the ankle that are an alternative to high-cut shoes?

Low-cut shoes and The BetterGuard – secret weapon in ankle joint prevention

In the past, high-cut shoes were recommended for sports prevention. We have developed a remarkable alternative in recent years: The BetterGuard . It protects you and your ankle in combination with Low-cut shoes preferably.

The BetterGuard offers with its intelligent technology in the form of a cushioning mini piston an innovation that professional athletes use for prevention. Anastasiya Kuparev and Bojana Marinkovic from tennis as well NBA players Moritz and Franz Wagner are excited. Also the St. Brown Brothers of the NFL from football, are convinced of The BetterGuard in many ways. The BetterGuard only triggers in critical turning or rolling movements.

Our ankle support provides a greater range of motion during normal movements than high-cut shoes. This means you can move more freely while exercising without having to forego the necessary support. This allows you a More flexible and dynamic style of play , especially in sports that require agility.

Good shoes for your ankle – the key to freedom of movement

Low-cut shoes in combination with The BetterGuard provide you with a high level of comfort relaxed endurance runs and joint relief . You can train your feet, ligaments and tendons in a relaxed manner. You avoid the typical pain that often comes with intensive sports sessions.

You may be concerned that low-cut shoes could pose a higher risk of injury and that the low cut makes it easier for you to twist an ankle. In collaboration with The But with BetterGuard you don't just increase your stability . You brake your joints at the right moment before you twist your ankle and put strain on your ankle.

Dynamic protection with the ankle support for football says Amon-Ra St. Brown from the NFL

Shoes that support the ankle joint - The best choice for sports and training

High-cut shoes are undoubtedly an option if you prefer increased ankle stability in games and training. But the combination of low-cut shoes and The BetterGuard ankle support convinces with preventive aspects. It also has a slim and modern design.

You can move fluently, have a high level of stability and don't have to forego comfort during sport. With the right ones ankle shoes and The BetterGuard You are guaranteed to move in a performance-oriented manner and on the safe side.

Frequently asked questions about ankle shoes

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about our article.

Which shoes for ankle problems?

If you have problems with the ankle joint and frequently twist your ankle, it's best to use cushioning low-cut shoes. Together with ours The BetterGuard ankle support ensures maximum support.

What shoes to wear if you have an ankle fracture?

Rely on a soft sole and cushioning functions. The BetterGuard provides your ankle with additional support.

Which shoes for an unstable ankle?

If you have an unstable ankle, high-cut shoes can provide an increased sense of stability. The BetterGuard offers a preventive alternative in combination with low-cut shoes.

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