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    Superior joint protection

    The Innovation

    Betterguards System

    Smart Protection

    Areas of Application

    Sports – Medical Equipment – Safety


    Our Betterguards System – Your Product

    Superior Joint Protection

    Each year in Europe, over 27 million people experience upper ankle injuries.

    The idea that joint protection is only possible through restricted mobility is a thing of the past. Here at Betterguards, we’ve created a fully integrated safety system for your joints that enhances shoes, socks, and other equipment. Our adaptive technology provides security and stability that can accommodate many textile fabrics. Betterguards Technology provides superior long lasting protection without the loss of flexibility, speed or longevity.

    Our Aspiration:
    Safety + Mobility

    Betterguards System

    The patented Betterguards Technology system is based on intelligent fluids that change their properties depending on the situation.  Any time hyperextension of joints, tendons, or ligaments is about to occur, our Guard System springs into action. The smart liquid will temporarily become solid to protect the user’s joints. Reacting faster than muscles themselves, Betterguard’s unique system acts to safeguard against injuries by preventing sprains and tears.



    Our technology can be optimized for your therapeutic and prophylactic products, ensuring you receive a Betterguards System that is best adapted for your needs.


    in fit and function

    for your product

    Areas of Application

    Betterguards Technology offers unique joint protection  that doesn’t get in the way of productivity and mobility. Integrate our technology into your therapeutic and prophylactic products, and feel the peace of mind our technology brings.



    Integration of the Betterguards System in compression socks and orthotics can reduce rehabilitation time, giving patients new confidence when exercising chronically weak joints. Neurological diseases can also be made more manageable.


    Sports and Activities

    Faster – Higher – Longer

    Use of our optimized protection system enables greater mobility and the ability to truly exceed in sports.

    For prophylactic use, integrate Betterguards System into shoes, gloves and other protection equipment.


    Work and Defense

    The Betterguards System can also be integrated in work shoes and protective boots to provide increased stability in critical situations.

    B2B: Our Betterguards System – YOUR PRODUCT

    Betterguards sees itself primarily as a supplier and service provider. Together, we work to take your product to the next level of safety and comfort without compromising performance or comfort. We have the know-how to transform your product, giving it an edge that you and your customers will love. Our passion is adaptive technology that meets your needs. Come and work with us, and together we will build flexible and performance enhancing comfort and protection into your products.


    Working closely in association with TU Berlin allows Betterguards to combine cutting-edge research, development and innovation into all our products.  Our technology is continuously improved and optimized through rigorous internal tests.

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