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    Hiking becomes increasingly popular among Germans. Around six percent of the people who got surveyed, said that they are going on a hike at least once a month. In fact half of the hikers are women – a progression that makes hiking one of the most modern but also most timeless leisure sports. Often declared as a “sport for old people”, hiking delights more and more young people. But where does this trend emerge from? And how can our Betterguards Technology contribute to that?

    What causes the trend of hiking?

    Hiking lies in our DNA. Since the early stages of mankind we constantly walk around and explore new places. The connection between us and nature creates a mixture of effort and relaxation. Being so close to nature itself gifts us with a feeling of calmness and balance that we often miss in our daily life. Away from the office and out in the nature – for many people it is not only about burning calories and improving their endurance but also a matter for the head. Research shows that hiking and being in nature increases the mood and fights symptoms of anxiety and stress.

    The latter can be restricted by wrong and insufficient equipment. That being said, you should always carry reliable gear and clothing. Uneven surfaces on the trails and steep paths train the muscles and ligaments in the body in an efficient way, but also include a significant risk to injuries. That applies especially for the ankle joint, since walking on the unknown surfaces can lead to missteps – a well-known phenomenon amongst hikers. Once injured, a way back to camp or the next town can be an awful walk. To encourage a usage of walking boots with Betterguards Technology it is important to understand what a solid pair of walking boots is capable of– and what not.

    What walking boots offer

    Walking boots offer – like clothing in other sports – new tweaks and innovations all the time. Improvements in comfort and performance for the consumer are key in this area. As well as the shoe soles getting modified to deal with different surfaces such as rocks and mud, the fabricated materials in good walking boots are resistant to wind and weather. Furthermore some boots even have little pockets with utensils to start a campfire. Because of these adaptions, walking boots are able to deal with the high demands and satisfy consumers with every new pair they get. Lately the high demand for walking boots is also reflected in the casual footwear fashion, where the style of hiking boots got really prominent over the last years.

    The actual walking boots that get purchased for activities such as hiking often come with a stable upper part that ends above the ankle. That way it is hoped to reduce ankle joint injuries. In practise it hardly has any major effect in preventing these injuries, which is no surprise since the stiff material loses its effect over time. On hikes that go on for hours the shoe material will lose their stiffness naturally. Add the fact that most people use a pair of walking boots for at least a couple of hikes a prevention of ankle joint injuries just with the shoe material seems more than questionable.

    Walking boots with Betterguards Technology are creating an innovative way of safety

    The Betterguards Technology in comparison

    How do walking boots with Betterguards Technology will look like?

    Modern walking boots undergo a process of continuous development. They provide unreached performance-levels and offer new standards of comfort. As a result the days of unbearable heavy boots soaked in water are almost forgotten. The solid footwear is a loyal (and also quite expensive) companion on every man’s and woman’s pathway while hiking. But as good as they are, they cannot prevent ankle injuries effectively. At this point the Betterguards Technology comes into play. With the flexible system walking boots with Betterguards Technology keep their natural range of motion. The adaptor (integrated in the shoes) only intervenes in critical situations and reacts faster than any surrounding muscle – preventing twisting the ankle. After absorbing a part of the emerged forces, the Betterguards system is ready to be reused again. With this innovative way of dealing with the risk of ankle injuries we hope to enable more people to enjoy hiking in nature in a carefree manner.

    Walking boots with Betterguards Technology are the future

    Walking boots with Betterguards Technology provide a carefree hiking experience.

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