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    The risk of chronic ankle injuries

    Most sport injuries are ankle injuries. All over Europe they occur around 27 million times per year.

    Even after taking a break from physical activity or sports and rehabilitation, people complain about on-going pain. Once damaged, the ankle can carry some long time effects. These occur as chronic instability and significantly enhanced injury risk. In this article we explain about the causes of chronic ankle injuries and how the Betterguards system prevents them.

    When an injury becomes chronic

    Chronic sport injuries are the result of not successfully healed damage or overstressing. In opposite to acute injuries, pain does not appear immediately but increases with time or is not felt at all. Damaged tissues caused by older injuries become a potential weakness in the complex movement process of the ankle. If these areas are not completely healed, reinjuring becomes a danger – even with a higher risk and worse consequences. Looking at the history of injuries of numerous athletes, this scheme appears often.  Football professionals like Kingsley Coman from FC Bayern Munich or Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur look back on a long list of ankle injuries happened within only the last few years.

    Recent research shows that one third of people with ankle injuries develop an ankle instability. Based on modern research it seems reasonable to think that very complex injury patterns are caused by changes in the sensomotor system. Complex explanations for the occurring instability after an ankle injury focus on the loss of control of surrounding muscles – which we experience as a feeling of insecurity in our movements.
    Since acute and chronic ankle injuries entail unpleasant consequences and longstanding rehabilitation processes, it seems necessary to focus on the prevention of these injuries. This is where Betterguards steps in.


    The innovative Betterguards Technology

    With our technology we enableall people to move without the risk of ankle injuries during sport, leisure or profession. And because of this we also eliminate chronic injuries in the long run.

    Besides high protection, our technology offers a natural range of motion – unlike orthoses. This is how we also conserve the function of the musculoskeletal system. A technology, that convinced our numerous testers in practise.


    The risk of chronic ankle injuries

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