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  • The innovative ankle support: FastProtect Malleo by Sportomedix

    FastProtect Malleo

    A major milestone for the Betterguards Technology GmbH:

    It is finally available: The first product with integrated Betterguards Technology.
    Together with the Juzo – Julius Zorn GmbH from Aichach we have developed an ankle support that will set new standards in injury prevention. The product itself will be distributed through Juzo’s own brand “Sportomedix” and is named FastProtect Malleo. Sportomedix develops innovative products for ambitious athletes and offers a convenient ordering process via the online shop.

    After careful development, thanks to Juzo’s medical expertise and Betterguards’ multi-patented technology, a product has now been created that combines the best features of traditional solutions to something completely new.


    The best of two worlds:

    Natural freedom of movement and effective protection characterise the FastProtect Malleo. Thanks to the intelligent Betterguards Technology, the ankle support protects you only in critical moments, in which your body’s muscles do not react fast enough. Twisting the ankle, for example, in an action in sports, is unerringly prevented by the stiffening of the Betterguards System. Once triggered, the system retreats to its original position and is ready for another use. This allows providing safety for numerous potential injury situations.  

    Unlike products like traditional orthoses, the Sportomedix ankle support provides the wearer with a high and natural range of motion and effective protection. The combination of both traits makes the FastProtect Malleo very special. The principle can best be compared with a safety belt in the car.


    How does it feel to wear the product?

    When we think about these kinds of medical aids, we normally think of stiff and uncomfortable products, which are always somewhat annoying to wear. It is not uncommon, that we rather put them off for sports because they hinder us in our movements or are perceived as inconvenient, leading to the point, that we just accept the risk of (re-)injury. In our field tests with the ankle supports, we’ve tested exactly these features in addition to the protective function through and through. The fine textile processing of the product has created a feeling that you might even forget that you are wearing a protective cover – until the moment it saves your ankle. The fabric of the FastProtect Malleo just feels comfortable around your foot and leads to no friction or pressure points. 

    With the FastProtect Malleo, you can focus on what really counts – your performance.


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