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  • The Betterguards System in strollers

    The use of the Betterguards Technology in a rotatory system

    The use of our patented Betterguards Technology is not limited to applications on the human body. In addition to the production of innovative soft supports with our partner JuZo, which will be available in November, we are always looking for other areas of application. We have ventured to develop an innovative brake mechanism in strollers because we care about safety for everyone.

    Our goal is to make these baby carriages safer in the future and thus reliably protect babies from the risks of everyday life.

    In this case, the stroller should be equipped with a smart mechanism that automatically triggers at high velocity and acts in a way that it brakes effectively, so the stroller comes to a halt.


    In which situations is such a brake mechanism needed?

    Strollers are one of the most important purchases for parents in the early years of the child. In practical use, the popular transport gadget always comes into use in different scenarios. Whether a ride with the train, a walk with the dog or even while doing sports – the stroller allows us to make our everyday life with a child flexible. So often used, this leads to situations in which we, as a parent, do not always keep full control over the stroller, because our hands went missing from the handle. Slopes and hillsides in nature carry the risk of massively accelerating the stroller in case of loss of control –  accidents can result. In the city, for example, gradients at railway stations create risky conditions. A dog on the leash pulling his owner is another example of this kind of situation. Paired with the wrong surface and unfavorable weather conditions, it creates a dangerous mix.


    What are the present solutions to these problems?

    Next to parking brakes, that have to be activated manually each time and only really work when the stroller is standing still, hand brakes are the most common solution. However, these are – like the stroller itself – dependent on the control of the parents and not installed on every model. Without the intervention of the parents, there is no possibility of braking. Brakes, such as those used in luggage trolleys in the airport, are even rarer. You have to push them down constantly to get on with the stroller. Electric brakes are quite expensive and can easily double the price of a stroller. They are also adding some weight and run on batteries. Electric systems also always carry the risk to not function properly, even though the chances for that are quite low. What is missing is an independent, automatic braking mechanism that reliably grips and brings the stroller to a stop as quickly as possible. Without costing too much. This is exactly what we want to change.


    What can we offer?

    Our first successful field tests (check the video down below) show that the Betterguards Technology is capable as a braking system in strollers to counteract uncontrolled rolling away. Both wheels of one axle remain movable independently of each other. When braking, the wheels lock and bring the stroller to a stop. Installed in the stroller, the system remains sturdy against external forces such as dust and water. Even backward rolling can be prevented as the system triggers in both directions. Although the project is still very young, we are proud of the results we achieved in such a short time. With confidence, we look to the future of further development and hopefully to a future with safer strollers.

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