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  • Start of the NFL Regular – Season

    The wait is over

    It starts again. In the night to Friday, the regular season of the National Football League kicks off with the encounter between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. The team with the infamous “cheesehead fans” from Wisconsin has quite a fanbase in Germany. In general, it seems that the sport attracts more and more (young) people here.

    A total of 32 teams play for the chance to participate in the 54th Superbowl and thus win the famous Vince Lombardi trophy. Worldwide, the league’s championship game is one of the largest sporting events in the world and regularly attracts the highest television ratings in the United States. Last year, the New England Patriots and star quarterback Tom Brady beat the Los Angeles Rams. The now 41-year-old is considered by many to be the G.O.A.T. – “greatest of all time”. But is he able to lead his team to success in the coming season again?


    Heavy boys and their problems

    Football players are top athletes. Depending on their position, players often weigh more than 100 kilograms. This sport is not for the faint-hearted and rather a “collision sport” as a contact sport. As a result, it almost inevitably leads to injuries. In addition to the well-known problem of recurrent concussions and the resulting consequential damage, ankle, shoulder and knee injuries are particularly common. As players become more and more muscular and heavier, the joints and structures in the body have to withstand even higher forces. A problem that is clearly visible on closer inspection. The NFL Combine, for example, is considered a well-known scouting event for college players and the opportunity to join a franchise.

    According to a study that collected data from a total of 2285 players from the NFL Combine, around 53% of college football players have had experience with ankle injuries. The fact that more than half of the players already have their own experiences with such injuries in their young career, shows how threatened the athletes are. Having arrived in the NFL, the “scouted” players continue to have the risk of (re) contracting these injuries because of the increased level of performance in the NFL.


    A forecast

    With our multi-patented Betterguards Technology, we want to make athletes of various sports spend less time on the sidelines being injured. We want to play our part in making American Football a safer sport. Directly integrated into shoes or processed in soft supports – the Betterguards system is a revolutionary and innovative protection mechanism and hopefully soon an integral part of American football.


    The NFL regular season finally kicks off


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