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    The Betterguards Lab

    We don’t just think our products are amazing – we know they are! Because our standards are so high, we test our products in ways we have specially designed for the examination of Betterguards Technology. Artificial joints are carefully measured, endurance tests are strenuously carried out and some brave volunteers even sprain their ankles in test conditions to ensure that our products don’t just look great but also pass the ultimate safety test.

    Betterguards Protection Test

    Protection test

    Only products that pass the measure up meet our quality standards. All artificial joints, shoes, bandages and gloves are tested and their quality is verified before approval. An extremely high quality guarantee of optimum function under any circumstance must be met before a product can carry the Betterguards Technology name.

    • Max. speed of 1,2 m/s
    • Max. acceleration of 18 m/s²
    • End speed of 180 mm/s (after acceleration path < 1 millimeter)
    Betterguards Field Test

    Field test

    Measurement data can only go so far, the true test of Betterguards Technology is in the field. Our products are tested outdoors in real-world situations, on ankle sprain simulators and with the help of motion analysis. Recording and analysing different scenarios with high-speed cameras provides vital information on critical performance values.

    Betterguards Durability test

    Durability test

    To guarantee long-term functionality, we regularly measure up the endurance of our products. Deep testing over millions of cycles is needed to ensure the best quality and that the product stands up like no other. Long after the wearer is exhausted, our product will endure and be ready for more.

    Internal testing

    Some facts

    Through validating and testing our technology for a long time we are able to communicate its attributes in a transparent way.

    • Protection against joint injuries in hyperextension:
      → Force: Up to 450 lbf

    • Reacts faster than muscle:
      → Reaction time: Up to 20 milliseconds (muscle: 100ms)

    • The adjustability of the release speed:
      → depends on the area of application

    • The release mechanism is reversible:
      → similar to a seat belt in a car, can be used again immediately

    • Reduced dimensions depending on requirement specifications:
      → Standard length: 3,9 in. , customizable upon request

    External testing

    To ensure a high standard in the quality we do not only test our products internally but also by external and independent sources. The Julius Wolff Institute of the Charité Berlin, for example, conducted a study on our Betterguards Technology. We are very pleased to have our Betterguards System tested and validated by such an established Institute. The testing of our Betterguards Technology is a key component of our Betterguards philosophy – today and in the future.

    Please find the complete study here:

    Betterguards Techology Externe Validierung

    Testimonials and experts

    Antea Arndt
    SG OSC-Schöneberg-Friedenau – Handball

    „I am happy the Betterguards System exists. I feel protected and still enjoy a high range of motion.”

    Julius Schröder
    EHV Aue – Handball

    „Optimal protection and with maximum freedom of movement. You do not realize that you are wearing a bandage until you need it.“

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Kraft
    TU Berlin, Department of Medical Engineering

    „A paradigm shift in injury prevention – Betterguards combines joint-protection and freedom of movement.“

    Patrick Scheiel
    1. BC Beuel – Badminton

    „Despite the very light, comfortable and barely noticeable soft support, I felt safe from the start.”

    The Betterguards Technology GmbH patents

    We at Betterguards are convinced that we are significantly different from previous market alternatives with our innovative technology. We support this conviction with our strong commitment to maintaining and expanding our Intellectual Property portfolios – to be able to continue developing groundbreaking products with our partners in the future.

    To get an overview of our current IP-portfolio, feel free to send us an email. We will come back to you shortly.

    Get an overview of our IP-portfolio