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    The Betterguards System

    The Betterguards system is a component for optimizing bandages, shoes, and other products, to avoid sports injuries. When exposed to unsafe movement speeds, the system stiffens within milliseconds. Due to the immediate stabilizing protective function, critical overstretching of the joint will be prevented. Afterwards, the system is free to move again as before and can be re-used immediately. The Betterguards special feature: our technology offers high freedom of movement because we believe it to be an absolute necessity.

    The Betterguards Technology in Comparison


    Mode of Operation

    The Betterguards system sits between two fixed points on your product (such as a shoe or glove).

    If a movement is too sudden, such as snapping or falling, the system stiffens within milliseconds. The energy is absorbed and injury is prevented.

    The elasticity of our products ensures high freedom of movement to help enable optimum performance.

    Injury movements are prevented before they can occur. The system is then immediately ready for further use. Sports injuries are left behind while you keep on going!

    Some Facts

    The Betterguards system is available in different performance characteristics and can be designed individually for your products. Therefore we can guarantee the optimal form and function for every application.


    Protection against joint injuries in hyperextension
    Force: 450 lbf
    Reacts faster than muscle
    reaction time: 20 milliseconds
    Adjustability of the release speed
    depends on area of application
    Release machanism is reversible
    similar to a seat belt in a car, can be used again immediately
    Kinetic energy is absorbed
    no other joint will affected
    Reduced dimensions depending on requirement specifications
    e.g. diameter 0.39 in, length 3.9 in

    Areas of Application


    As comfortable as a tennis shoe, yet safer for your ankle than a high-top shoe against sports injuries. Whether for hiking or sport, Betterguards can be easily integrated into any shoe.




    Perfect for athletes and people with a high risk of injury. Gloves integrated with Betterguards Technology protect the wrists against hyperextension and impact joint injuries in sport.


    Orthosis / Bandages

    Medical equipment can be optimized and improved with Betterguards’ innovative products. They provide an unparalleled level of support that patients can put their trust in.


    Shock absorbing pads

    Extreme situations and high speeds call for the best form of joint protection, to avoid sports injuries. You’ll have all the bases covered with our highly developed shock absorbing pads.


    Sport socks

    Our innovative Betterguards Technology enables us to invent socks which offer special protection and compression that is customized for you.



    Smart textiles are the future. That is the reason Betterguards was awarded ”Start Up of the Month” from the Association of Textiles and Fashion!


    Ankle Joint FAQs

    Only by understanding biomechanics can we develop products which offer better protection to avoid sports injuries. Therefore, we would like to share our Ankle FAQs with you. Get answers to the following questions and more.

    What happens when you sprain your ankle?

    • What forces are felt by the ankle?
    • What forces can the outer ligaments of the ankle withstand?

    How can Betterguards Technology prevent a sprain from occurring?

    • What energy does the system absorb?
    • How fast does the Betterguards system react?

    How does the surrounding musculature and knee joint behave?

    • Is the musculature weakened over time by the preventative protection?
    • Does the protection of the ankle have a negative impact on the knee joint?

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