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    The Betterguards System

    Our multiple patented Betterguards system is a component for optimizing supports, shoes and other products to avoid sports injuries. When exposed to unsafe movement speeds, the system stiffens within milliseconds. Due to the immediate stabilizing protective function, critical overstretching of the joint will be prevented. Afterwards, the system is free to move again as before and can be re-used immediately.

    The Betterguards special feature: During normal movements our technology offers high freedom of motion.

    Basis for our mechanism of action

    For the development of our technology we have used the basic mechanism of dilatant fluids. These change their viscosity at different speeds (shear thickening effect).



    What makes the Betterguards Technology special?

    For injuries, we are quick to rely on aids like orthoses or soft supports. None of these options really satisfy us though. Orthoses, for example, protect us from injuries, but their stiff material leads to drastic limitations in our range of motion and therefore our performance. Soft supports do allow a higher range of motion but their protection is very low and does not prevent us from getting injured (again).

    The Betterguards Technology offers an innovative approach and combines the positive traits of conventional means to a new type of product – without negative side effects. It offers great protection and a high range of motion.

    The Betterguards Technology in comparison

    The Integration of the Betterguards Technologie into a product

    The Betterguards system is similar in function to a safety belt in a car. Connected by two fixed points, it can be integrated into numerous products. The following clip shows the integration using the example of a shoe:


    The different sizes of the Betterguards Technology

    We produce our Technology in several sizes in order to tailor-fit for the variable forces experienced in diverse areas of application. This will enable us to tap into large operating ranges and future possibilities.
    Additionally, this variety gives us the ability to fine-tune each of our products to our partner’s needs. Betterguards Technology creates a new and innovative combination of safety & design.



    Gelenkverletzungen mit dem Betterguards System verhindern

    Areas of application

    Betterguards Technology can be implemented into a wide range of products for the protection of different joints. The following display highlights our area of applications on the human body.


    Further areas of application

    The usage of Betterguards Technology is not limited to the human body. In addition to the established use for our body, we are also analyzing other thematic areas. Therefore, for example, we are currently testing our technology as part of an intelligent braking mechanism in rotating systems. We are thrilled for the upcoming possibilities and future cooperations and will continue working on further possibilities to integrate our Betterguards System in a wide range of products.


    Your benefits

    The integration of the Betterguards Technology offers many benefits for our brand partners. 

    • Innovative technology – exclusively in the hands of your company

    • “First Mover” at a new level of standards in dynamic, performance and prevention

    • Underlining the innovation and quality image of your brand

    • Quality assurance through our validation on effectiveness

    • Continuous development of the Betterguards Technology – customized to your needs

    • Trust and satisfaction of your customers