Tennis is a demanding sport that requires speed, agility and precise movements. Unfortunately, ankle injuries are not uncommon among tennis players. Not only can these types of injuries affect athletic performance , but they can also result in prolonged downtime .

The most common causes of ankle injuries in tennis are:

  • Quick changes of direction: Tennis often requires quick changes of direction, which can put stress on the ankle.
  • Bumps on the Court: Bumps, cracks or holes in the tennis court can lead to tripping or twisting.
  • Wrong shoe choice: Wearing unsuitable tennis shoes can increase the risk of ankle injuries.
  • Overload: Intensive training without adequate rest can lead to fatigue and an increased risk of injury.
  • Inadequate warm-up: Inadequate pre-game warm-up can affect ankle flexibility and stability.

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“In tennis we change the surface we play on very often. This puts a lot of pressure on the ankles. But since using the BetterGuard, I feel relieved and have much more stability on the court.” (Bojana Marinkovic, ITF Women's World Tennis Tour ).

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The BetterGuard...

  • combines freedom of movement and protection against twisting
  • acts like a seat belt for your ankle
  • is only activated for critical twisting movements
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  • helps protect against injuries
  • prevents injuries

Minimize your risk of injury while playing tennis and protect yourself and your body. The BetterGuard is a smart ankle brace with adaptive protection that lets you focus on your performance without worrying about ankle injuries.

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Our adaptive ankle bandage only protects your ankles exactly when you need them. In any other case, your freedom of movement is fully retained, so that your muscle functionality remains available in any case. No other bandage can offer you this active protection in this form.

And best of all: The unique bandage from Betterguards can be worn preventively as well as being ideal for returning to sport after an ankle or ligament injury on the feet. This way you can maximize your performance, because your head can fully focus on maximum movements without fear of injury!