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Hiking in the great outdoors is very popular all over the world. The fresh air, wonderful scenery, impressive panoramas and the combination of relaxation, physical challenge and live experience regularly cast a spell over hikers from all over the world.

But the joy of hiking sometimes turns into frustration. Because not all hikes are injury-free. In order to keep the risk of injury as low as possible, you should check your hiking equipment thoroughly before a tour. The hiking shoes are the focus here. The risk of injury can be kept as low as possible with the help of our bandage.

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When hiking, foot injuries to the ligaments or ankles occur most frequently as a result of twisting the foot. Roots protruding from the ground, rocks, slippery gravel or uneven hiking trails are the classic sources of danger here. Such ground conditions are a real challenge for the ankles.

Why should you use The BetterGuard when hiking?

The BetterGuard...

  • combines freedom of movement and protection against twisting
  • acts like a seat belt for your ankle
  • is only activated for critical twisting movements
  • offers high comfort and allows maximum performance
  • helps protect against injuries
  • prevents injuries

Minimize your risk of injury when hiking and protect yourself and your body. The BetterGuard is a smart ankle brace that lets you focus on your hiking experience without worrying about ankle injuries.

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If you already have previous damage in the foot and ankle area or are already struggling with complaints beforehand, the risk of such an injury when hiking is particularly high. But poor-quality hiking equipment or the wrong footwear can also provoke injuries of this kind. Doctors complain that hiking boots that are already worn out are often replaced far too late.

The rule of thumb here is: You should replace your running or hiking shoes after 700 to 800 kilometers at the latest. If a shoe that is too old in many cases, it no longer offers you and your feet enough support , it lacks stability and loses its important support function. This eminently increases the risk of injury.

Mit The BetterGuard wandern ohne Verletzungsrisiko am Knöchel

In order to further minimize the risk of ankle injuries, you can add another component to your hiking equipment. Our intelligent ankle bandage The BetterGuard has proven particularly effective in terms of reducing injuries to the ankle and the ligaments involved in the foot.

Unlike traditional bandages, the BetterGuard variant works like a safety belt for your ankle. In concrete terms, this means: You enjoy completely natural freedom of movement and the protective mechanism is only activated in the event of critical twisting movements. No other bandage can offer you this active protection .

And best of all: The unique bandage from BetterGuard can be worn preventively as well as being ideal for returning to hiking after an ankle or ligament injury. In this way, you always walk on safe feet and the danger of twisting your ankle loses much of its terror.