Athleticism, elegance, technical finesse and above all dynamism - hardly any sport combines these attributes as much as handball . The passion for this often fast-paced sport has long spilled over Europe's borders into the whole world. Even in the USA, handball is now becoming increasingly popular.

As a particularly dynamic and physical sport, games and training require a comparatively high level of fitness and perfectly functioning ligaments, joints and muscles. The focus is primarily on the ankle, which is particularly frequently affected by injuries.

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In handball, strong forces act on the ankles. When running and jumping, the force often exceeds several times your own body weight. If the load cannot be cushioned or dampened, the ligaments can overstretch or, in the worst case, even tear . It's enough if, for example, you land on the foot of an opponent after a jump shot and twist your ankle.

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Avoid injuring the outer ligaments or, in rare cases, the inner ligaments as well. You can read how often this actually happens in our article Handball: Ankle injuries and their statistics. In handball, ankle injuries account for almost 20 percent.

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