Basketball is still considered a sport that, in contrast to football and handball, is non-contact. Even comparatively light touches are often rated directly as foul play by the referees and penalized accordingly. However, anyone who now assumes that injuries are less likely to occur as a result of largely avoiding physical contact is wrong.

Even though basketball is non-contact, there are sometimes very serious injuries in basketball. The ankles are mainly affected. With The BetterGuard, however, you can significantly reduce the risk of ankle injuries in basketball .

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There is a particularly high frequency of injuries during rebounds when physical contact is the most common. This external influence often throws your body out of balance when you jump. This, in turn, can prevent a stable landing and could cause you to twist your ankle .

Why should you use The BetterGuard for basketball?

The BetterGuard...

  • combines freedom of movement and protection against twisting
  • acts like a seat belt for your ankle
  • is only activated for critical twisting movements
  • offers high comfort and allows maximum performance
  • helps protect against injuries
  • prevents injuries

Statistically, the injury rate in basketball ranges from 2 to 18 injuries for an average of 1,000 games. Minimize your risk of injury while playing basketball and protect your ankle with The BetterGuard . The BetterGuard is a smart ankle brace that lets you focus on the game without worrying about ankle injuries.

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Daniel "Booby" Gibson on The BetterGuard

"My career in the NBA ended early due to recurring ankle injuries. In our game, they are inevitable. That's why I'm excited to represent The BetterGuard, a product that helps ensure others don't have to go through the same experiences I did.

The fact that the bandage offers such a high level of comfort makes it perfect for use in professional sports. Because as an athlete you want a product that doesn't limit your performance."

After being selected in the Innovating Ankle Injury Prevention and Recovery category, we were invited to the NBA Summer League.

It was a great pleasure for us to present the joint developments live in front of an audience that simply lives basketball.

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