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    It is hard to keep track of all the different shoes that are available in today’s market. That is not different in the segment of basketball shoes. All the big sport brands are competing for the spotlight in one of the world’s most popular sport. More and More NBA superstars like Lebron James, Kevin Durant and James Harden are having their own shoe lines and collections. The shoes themselves are providing customers with different innovations that aim to improve e.g. the players comfort or performance.

    Different types of basketball shoes:

    The classic basketball shoe is a high-cut model. This type of shoe own a high entry point (shaft) that is –when the shoe has been put on – placed relatively high above the ankle. For many years this type of basketball shoe ruled the scene. Thinking of the classic Chucks (named after the basketball player Charles Hollis Taylor – or short Chuck Taylor), the picture of high-cut basketball shoes exists forever. Other brands like Nike or Fila successfully shaped the history of this shoe model. Often times, high-cut-models are getting promoted with a high protection of the ankle joints. In 2008 Kobe Bryant was the first worldwide known NBA athlete that was standing up for the use of low-cut shoes – sparking a revolution in the basketball shoe market. Low-cut models have a low shaft and end at a point below the ankle. The movement that was introduced by Kobe Bryant continued to grow, so nowadays we see a lot of low-cut models being used. This type of basketball shoe attract players with their low weight and comfort. A third type of basketball shoes is the mid-cut model, which works as a mixture between the other types and therefore combines positive aspects from both.

    Basketball shoes and their problems:

    Although there are tons of shoes from all ranges available there is a catch to it. They are all unable to protect the players against injuries. Which really makes you wonder, because especially the high-cut models are getting marketed as “safe against ankle joint injuries”. Maybe they offer a little bit more of protection than the other types, but it is far from being effective. In fact many NBA players still tape their ankles additionally, because they know a higher shoe alone won’t protect them. Sadly, taping also has no major benefit and still keeps them being at risk of injuries.

    Injuries of the ankle ligament in the NBA:

    As a matter of fact the NBA has a major problem with ankle ligament injuries. Around 15% of all injuries are related to the ankle joint of the players – making them the top of the list and twice as likely as other injuries. Looking at the documentation of injuries from Stephen “Steph“ Curry you can quickly see that the point guard of the Golden State Warriors has trouble fighting off ankle ligament injuries. Even his custom made ankle supports are not having the desired effect. That is no coincidence at all. While on the court, NBA players have to perform quick changes in direction or jumps – often landing awkwardly on the feet of their opponents. As a result the ankle ligaments have to deal with enormous pressure. Once side-lined, NBA teams tend to rush their star players back into the line-up, because not only are they dealing with the financial impacts but also with the obvious loss of quality in their teams. Given these factors it is even more important to keep the players safe from injuries. That is where the Betterguards Technology steps in.

    The future with the Betterguards Technology:

    It needs an innovative approach to adjust modern basketball shoes to the growing demands in the world of sports and banish ankle joint injuries. The Betterguards Technology allows players to be free in their movement but at the same time be protected against injuries. The flexible system deals with risky situations – without limiting the range of motion. Furthermore it reacts faster than the surrounding muscles. Basketball shoes provide a great opportunity to directly integrate the Betterguards System. Processing the Betterguards Technology into the production of basketball shoes is feasible, especially in high-cut models. Anchored in the finished shoe, our Betterguards Technology is integrated in a subtle way, so the design of the shoe is not limited in a big way by our safety system. This means, that players are still able to enjoy the various designs of their eccentric shoes that are also their best protection against ankle injuries.

    Betterguards basketball shoes in the future

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