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    The Betterguards Way

    We don’t just think our products are amazing –  we know they are! Because our standards are so high, we test our products in ways we have specially designed for the examination of Betterguards Technology. Artificial joints are carefully measured, endurance tests are strenuously carried out and some brave volunteers even sprain their ankles in test conditions to ensure that our products don’t just look great but also pass the ultimate safety test.

    Protection Test

    Only products that pass the measure up meet our quality standards. All artificial joints, shoes, bandages and gloves are tested and their quality is verified before approval. An extremely high quality guarantee of optimum function under any circumstance must be met before a product can carry the Betterguards Technology name.


    • Max. speed of 1,2 m/s
    • Max. acceleration of 18 m/s²
    • End speed of 180 mm/s (after acceleration path < 1 millimeter)

    Field Test

    Measurement data can only go so far, the true test of Betterguards Technology is in the field. Our products are tested outdoors in real-world situations, on ankle sprain simulators and with the help of motion analysis. Recording and analysing different scenarios with high-speed cameras provides vital information on critical performance values.


    Durability Test

    To guarantee long-term functionality, we regularly measure up the endurance of our products. Deep testing over millions of cycles is needed to ensure the best quality and that the product stands up like no other. Long after the wearer is exhausted, our product will endure and be ready for more.