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    Introducing Betterguards team member Lillian Rickermann

    Lillian Rickermann (nickname: Lilli) is 23 years old and comes from the beautiful Münsterland in North Rhine-Westfalia. Here she successfully studied and got her Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, physical technologies with specialization in biomedical technologies. Arriving in Berlin for her mandatory internship it was the beginning of productive work.

    The Reasons for Lilli´s start:

    Impressed by the subject, Lilli decided to start at Betterguards. She is working here for over a year now. With the various fields of application, one field struck out for Lilli – the use of our system for ankle joints. Having a number of problems with injuries of her ankles and dealing with the issues of preventing and handling these injuries became a personal matter real quick. “Because of different causes, orthoses and supports did not help me being injury free while playing handball or football. That is why I am driven to banish ankle injuries into history books.”

    What does Lillian Rickermann do today?

    These days Lilli is permanently employed since joining as an intern. She is also the team leader of the ankle joint development team. In fact Lilli planned to do her master`s, but she decided to change her plans – which we all appreciate. “I can’t leave the company in these exciting times. Also I have the chance to create something big here.”
    Lilli is responsible for a number of different tasks inside Betterguards:

    • Being the team leader of the ankle joint development team: coordinating, structuring and organizing duties
    • Elaboration of different development topics to continue to improve our product
    • System evolution in the shoe subject
    • Imparting technical knowledge to potential brand partners and supervising them while being in cooperation
    • Manufacturing prototypes for testers and presentation models

    This is what makes working at Betterguards special for Lilli:

    Betterguards stands out because of the innovative and interesting range of topics. The splendid work environment in a young team is key for Lilli. “Everybody here is in good contact with Vinzenz and the other founders. Everybody is able to make decisions. This is something that I could miss in other companies.”

    Personal goals:

    Lilli hopes that small milestones like the Juzo FastProtect – an adaptive protection system for the ankle joint – are reached by the end of the year. “In two years’ time I want to see an innovative shoe that we have never seen before on the market. The added value of the Betterguards Technology should be firmly established and missing it should be unthinkable.” Lillian Rickermann has got a mission at Betterguards that motivates her every day.

    Lillian Rickermann as our development team leader


    If you also plan to take a path like Lilli did, check out our current job offers on our website.

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