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  • In the limelight: NBA players

    After the Bundesliga has come to an end and the DFB-Cup final has been played, it is worth it to look at other highlights in our sports world. One of them is the National Basketball Association (NBA), the most famous Basketball league in the world.

    The NBA season at its peak:

    Everyone is buzzing about the NBA finals and the famous NBA players at the moment. Leading their teams to glory, players like Stephen “Steph” Curry from the Golden State Warriors and Kawhi Leonard from the Toronto Raptors will compete for the famous best-of-seven format for the precious Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. It will be the first time in their 24 year history for the Canadian team to participate in the finals. While the season is leading to its highlight on Friday and keeps fans around the world on their toes, we were able to witness the enormous skill set of the tall athletes in the last months.

    NBA players like Lebron James, for example, amaze us for years with their mind-blowing talent. But even with their high level of fitness and training these players don’t seem to be protected against injuries.

    Giants and their suffering:

    Although you could think that these athletes are safe from injuries because of their pure muscle mass and shape, reality often looks very different. Since being so tall and carrying a lot of weight also means that ligaments and muscles have to deal with different forces. When on average over 220 pounds are in motion these ligaments have to withstand great burdens. The incredible pace on the court does not help with that problem either. Looking at statistics from the year 2018 you can see the extent of injuries in the NBA. About 122 NBA players suffered from ankle injuries in the last year – the highest number of injuries on the list. After that, around 99 registered players had to deal with knee injuries.

    Economic Effects:

    The NBA is the most prestigious and famous basketball league in the world. So it is also the place with the most money in it. Because of the multimillion contracts that are being signed, losing a player due to injury comes with great financial costs. Teams had to pay around 540 Million USD in total to 690 NBA players. That’s why it is so very important for the teams and franchises to keep their top earners healthy and ready to play.

    The Betterguards System:

    The Betterguards System is able to protect Basketball players against ankle injuries in an effective way. Our unique technology allows the players to move naturally and with a full range of motion – it only intervenes in critical situations and prevents injuries. With the major benefit of being ready to come into effect again right after it came to use.

    NBA players - athletes in a demanding sport

    NBA players put their body through intense conditions

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