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    From athlete to founder

    Vinzenz Bichler is founder of Betterguards Technology. When he moved from Miesbach in Bavaria to Berlin in 2012, his mission began. During his studies at the Technical University of Berlin he came across the technology that became basis for future developments which evolved into Betterguards Technology. “The technology that will change sports professionals’ careers and change the life of people who do sports as a hobby”, he says.

    Ambition through own experience

    Vinzenz Bichler does sports and as many other active people he has injuries. Injuries of outer ligaments from playing football or knee, hand and shoulder injuries from snowboarding. He hurts himself repeatedly over years. The idea he has during his studies convinces his co-founders Max Müseler and Timo Stumper straight away. The potential of the technology is obvious.

    Common vision welds together

    All three students start researching and developing the first prototype within six months. Testing it together, discussing potentials and creating a vision together forms a strong team, which is willing to give everything for what they believe in. They found Betterguards Technology GmbH in 2014. Opening the first production and the successful financial funding proves their idea and vision to be right.


    Betterguards grows quickly and with every new member the team becomes stronger. Choosing the right people is easy. “Each team member can tell his own story about injuries. They all have the motivation and ambition to make sport injuries forgotten”, says Vinzenz. This motivation and all employees doing sports together and testing the technology, creates a team that is unbeatable. The complex idea of Betterguards consisting of the development of the technology itself, its production and the B2B business model requires great expertise to be successful. Interdisciplinary and close cooperation form the base for growth.

    Textile as a goal

    More research and continuous development change the technology. What began with the Betterguards Adaptor System will change into a textile solution. Vinzenz is sure that one day it will be possible to have a textile version of the system which can be easily integrated into shoes and socks.

    Go down in history

    The vision the three share is put into words easily: “In ten to fifteen years people will google the expression ‘twisted ankle’ because they can’t remember what it was.” Vinzenz wants to ban diagnose of torn ligaments into history books. “Take the fear of injuries and long recovery pauses from sport professionals. No more early endings of successful careers because of joint injuries.” Vinzenz Bichler has no doubt.


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