Neue Trendsportart Pickleball – die perfekte Ausrüstung

New trend sport Pickleball – the perfect equipment

Do you still like tennis, badminton and table tennis - or do you already play Pickleball ? This cool racket game originally comes from the USA, has become a real trend and is currently conquering the fitness and sports scene in Germany. What kind of sport is it exactly, which Pickleball Equipment you need and why The BetterGuard bandage is an important protection factor, you will find out in the following article.

At a glance: Essential components in your equipment

  • Pickleball racket
  • Pickleballs
  • Pickleball net
  • Sports shoes (special pickleball shoes or tennis shoes)
  • Sportswear (breathable T-shirts or tops and shorts or sports skirts)
  • Cap or visor
  • Drinking bottle

What exactly is behind the name Pickleball?

In general, pickleball is a ball sport and is played with rackets, the so-called Paddles are played. These are usually made of wood or plastic. More powerful pickleball players also like to use rackets made of particularly light composite materials or, for example, graphite.

As a rule, the paddles in your pickleball equipment must not exceed a length of 43.18 cm and a total size (length and height together) of 60.69 cm. The playing field, with a size of 13.4 x 6.1 meters, is reminiscent of a badminton court, but is smaller than a conventional tennis court.

Play a singles match or a doubles match with a partner

A net about 90 centimeters high divides the pickleball field into two equal halves. Each half is also divided into different zones using markings. You can play on grass, concrete or asphalt. Usually two players face each other. In addition to this classic 1:1 variant but is also a Double possible.

In this case, like in tennis, you play with a partner against two other players who also form a team. You play the ball over the net in such a way that your opponent or opponents in the 2 against 2 variant cannot hit the ball back.

Play without a fixed field - nets also belong in your pickleball equipment

You can also play pickleball in your garden, for example, and have a few nice rallies with your partner of choice on the lawn. This is a good opportunity, especially for kids and inexperienced beginners, to get a taste of this relatively new sport in Germany without any obligation. The fun factor is particularly high with this variant. In this case, however, you will need additional Pickleball Equipment How Nets, marking aids and other accessories .

Your pickleball equipment and the special role of paddles, balls and shoes

The fact that pickleball is praised as a particularly cool trend sport is mainly due to the balls used. These are similar in shape to the Wiffleball from baseball, but are much lighter. This ensures that the ball flies slowly across the field. This means that you can get started with this new trend sport even if you have a lower fitness level and are basically independent of your age.

Essential for your Pickleball Equipment are also the suitable footwear and your training and team clothing depending on your performance level. While stability and the necessary grip are particularly important for shoes, you should pay attention to certain features when it comes to the perfect pickleball clothing.

Clothes with these features belong in your pickleball equipment:

- breathable texture and functionality

- good durability and shape retention

- comfortable fit for more freedom of movement

- reliable absorption of heat

The right pickleball equipment as preventive protection against injuries

Even though you perform less dynamic and fast movements in pickleball than in tennis, table tennis or badminton due to the slower ball flight, typical court sports injuries are possible at any time. These include, for example: Ligament and joint injuries in the foot and leg area . Particularly common are Ankle injuries.

If you have high-quality shoes in your pickleball equipment that stabilize your body during all movements and ensure stability, you can reduce the risk of injury a little. After an ankle injury or as a preventative measure, you should also use our The BetterGuard Sports Bandage into your pickleball equipment.

Thanks to an intelligent fluid system, it offers you adaptive joint protection against ligament injuries. The multi-patented technology reacts to too fast, critical movements three times faster than your muscles and reliably stabilizes your ankle. It then immediately returns to its flexible starting state. With The BetterGuard in your pickleball equipment you can greatly reduce the risk of overstretching or tearing ligaments when playing pickleball.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pickleball Equipment

Here we answer some frequently asked questions about pickleball equipment.

What are the right pickleball shoes?

The right shoes are an essential part of your pickleball equipment. Pickleball shoes are designed for lateral movement and thus stable lateral support, similar to classic tennis shoes. The soles are usually extremely robust to enable and support jumps and quick turns.

The majority of pickleball shoes are optimized for playing on hard courts. Therefore, the focus of the shoe sole and the sole pattern is also geared towards grip and endurance in this terrain. In contrast to the typical strong cushioning of tennis shoes, the manufacturers of pickleball shoes usually do not have a pronounced cushioning effect.

Instead, pickleball shoes focus primarily on the immediate, tight movements when playing with a paddle and a light ball. For long sessions, breathable shoes are recommended in your pickleball equipment. If you're just playing for fun, you can also use normal tennis shoes as pickleball equipment.

Are there special regulations regarding protective equipment in pickleball?

The pickleball rules do not require any special protective equipment. However, footwear is particularly important. Suitable footwear prevents injuries. In addition, sturdy and extremely non-slip pickleball shoes can improve your performance on the court. Therefore, high-quality footwear should never be missing from your pickleball equipment.

Which injuries are particularly common in this sport?

In the upper body, the elbow, shoulder and wrist are particularly affected by injuries. In the lower body, the knee is particularly susceptible to injuries. According to MissouriMedicine However, classic ankle injuries in pickleball are the most common form of injury.

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