Must-have Football-Ausrüstung

Must-have football equipment

American football is known for its intensity and physical toughness. Every move carries the risk of injury - from minor bruises to serious head injuries and broken bones. This is where protective gear comes into play: it serves as the first line of defense against hard impacts and collisions that are common on the field.

The helmet protects the head and brain, the shoulder pads absorb hard impacts, and knee pads protect the sensitive joints. Every piece of equipment has its purpose. The BetterGuard ensures that the ankle joint is stabilized with every move, if necessary, and reduces the risk of spraining when changing direction quickly.

What is included in football equipment?

Everything at a glance - these are the most important components of American football equipment:

  • Football helmet
  • Mouthguard
  • Football jersey
  • Chest armor and neck protection
  • Football pants
  • Thigh pads and knee pads
  • Football shoes
  • Football gloves
  • The BetterGuard as an ankle support

Football equipment from head to toe

There are certain clothing requirements in every individual and team sport. Jerseys show team affiliation and shoes should be optimized for the respective surface. Because of the high level of physicality and the force with which the players sometimes collide with each other, the risk of injury is particularly high in football. The necessary equipment is therefore particularly extensive. We have also written a blog post based on current statistics and research from the NFL. Read more about typical football injuries , such as muscle strains and cruciate ligament tears, in our blog post.

Football players in full gear

Common football clothing

At the heart of the game is football clothing , designed for both style and function. The football jersey or shirt and football pants are not only important so that team members can be recognized, but also for freedom of movement during every play. The jersey and pants are made from durable materials that can withstand the demands of the game while also being lightweight and breathable.

Football shoes are designed to provide maximum support and stability on the field. The shoes must not slip, especially during fast sprints, abrupt stops and spontaneous turns. That's why they are often equipped with special studs that provide optimized grip depending on the nature of the pitch (e.g. artificial turf or natural turf).

Football gloves provide a better grip when catching or carrying the ball. This is particularly crucial at high speeds and precise passes so that you have full control of the ball at all times.

The most important thing: the football protective equipment

Football protective equipment is certainly the most important part of the equipment. The football helmet with face grille and visor is a sophisticated piece of protective equipment that consists of several components. The outer shell is extremely durable because it has to absorb and distribute shock. Inside, multi-layer padding provides additional protection and comfort. These pads conform to the shape of the player's head and reduce the likelihood of concussions during on-field collisions. The metal face grille protects the face from direct blows without impairing vision and the football visor also shields the eyes from direct sunlight.

A mouthguard protects your teeth and jaw from serious injuries. The chest armor, neck protection and shoulder pads minimize the risk of upper body injuries, while thigh pads and knee pads protect the legs from hard impacts and falls. Each of these elements is specifically designed to secure players in all positions during the intense and physical moments of a football game.

Ankle braces are designed to protect and stabilize the ankle joint by providing slight compression. This works preventatively, but can also promote healing after an operation.

Football on the field

Better Guards ankle support as a perfect addition to football equipment

The BetterGuard revolutionizes ankle protection in football. Our BG POWER technology only triggers in critical situations and reacts 3x faster than your body. This means it protects you just as effectively as a stiff orthosis.

In contrast to the latter, The BetterGuard offers you full natural freedom of movement, even during fast sprints and abrupt changes of direction.

You can use our ankle bandage preventatively before a (re-)injury occurs. The BetterGuard can also provide you with good support when you return to sport. Especially if you are struggling with chronic instability after an injury, The BetterGuard can be the solution. You can read more about how you can avoid frequent twisting in our blog post on chronic ankle instability .

Professional athletes rely on The BetterGuard technology

The two brothers and Pro Bowl wide receivers Amon-Ra St. Brown (Detroit Lions) and Equanimeous St. Brown (Chicago Bears) rely on The BetterGuard in training and games to protect themselves from injuries. In an interview about our ankle support in football , they explain why they chose our technology.

The two football players and brothers St. Brown with The BetterGuard

Football Equipment FAQ

How much does American football equipment cost?

The cost of American football equipment can vary greatly depending on the quality and brand of the equipment. For complete equipment, which includes a helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, pants and shoes, you can expect between 200 and 1000 euros.

Do you need gloves for American football?

It is not mandatory to wear gloves for American football, but many players do. Gloves can help you catch and hold the ball better. They also provide additional protection and support for the hands and fingers.

What are the right football shoes? Low, mid or high cut?

Choosing the right football shoes depends on the playing position and personal preferences. Here you can see the advantages of the models:

  • Low cuts: maximum mobility, ideal for speed and agility
  • Mid Cuts: balanced mix of mobility and support
  • High Cuts: maximum stability and support for players standing in the line

If you use The BetterGuard, you should choose low cut shoes. This ensures that the ankle bandage can develop its full function.

Are there any special regulations regarding protective equipment in football?

For professional football players in the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga, a guideline regulates the playing clothing and equipment , including the approval process by DFL GmbH. This includes jerseys, shorts and socks as well as specifications for colors, designs, numbers and player names.

Which injuries are particularly common in the NFL?

According to statistics, lower extremity injuries are particularly common in the NFL, at 50-60%. The upper extremity follows at 20-25%, and the head and neck are the third most commonly affected at 10-15%. The cause is often fouls, dehydration, poor equipment or previous damage.

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