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    B2B-Reaching Higher Together!

    Kundenbindungen im B2B Bereich

    If you are in the business of manufacturing shoes, gloves, insoles or other orthotics and textiles then Betterguards has something unique to offer you.

    Betterguard’s best-in-class integrative technology will help to give your products a cutting edge advantage over competitors. Together with B2B-working, we can take your products to the next level. We have the experience and know-how to expertly integrate our safety and comfort advantages into your product without compromising performance. From first contact through to the finished product, you will be satisfied with the high quality of our service and product integration.

    Become a Brand Partner!

    Quality That Can Be Felt


    As an innovative supplier of technology, Betterguards is always striving for improvement. To guarantee our high quality service, we constantly optimize our work processes. Our philosophy is to prevent faults from occurring, rather than fixing them afterwards.

    Betterguard’s suppliers are selected based on a strict criteria to ensure quality. We pride ourselves on this reliability and it is something our customers can depend upon.

    Safe products made to the highest standard, that’s the promise of our QM System.