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    Antea tells us about her experiences with the Betterguards System

    Antea repeatedly suffered of injuries of the outer ligaments of her ankle:

    “In the age of twelve I decided I wanted to become a professional handball player and make it to the top. Hurting my ankle by twisting it or spraining became a routine early which is why it was no surprise when I first badly injured my ankle. I had not only one, but several torn ligaments. It took me months to be able to get back into training and finally play again. These pauses were tiring and frustrating and threw me back in condition and performance. Back in the game it took me only a couple of months until it happened again. It became a repetitive cycle of injury and pause for regeneration which made me lose my hope for the career I always wanted.”

    Antea’s painful injuries increasingly made her everyday life harder. Conventional products for protection and support did not help her:

    “After a while the problems with my ankle started to affect my everyday life. Restricted mobility and pain started to occur. In normal shoes, on the street, on sandy roads, doing sports, supports and orthoses did not help. No matter how big the risk of new injuries or how big the pain was, although I play with less ambition, I did not stop playing handball. My problems still occur and that is exactly why I am so happy to have the possibility of using and testing the Betterguards System. Feeling protected I still have fun and full freedom of movement. I don’t feel any pain when wearing the system and my muscles can recover, because the system just interferes while uncontrolled and unnatural movements. 
I am fully convinced of the Betterguards System and would highly recommend it to anyone who has problems with their ankle or does not want to get problems!”

    Many sport professionals can relate to Antea and know the problems she is suffering from. Long recovery times and the fear of ankle or wrist injuries affect the performance and can bring careers to an end.

    Are you doing sports on a professional level and would like to test the Betterguards Technology? Don’t hesitate and get in touch!

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