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    Our Story

    Who invented it? The Bavarian! Vinzenz Bichler, a passionate soccer player, was spending far too much time on the bench due to his many injuries. The frustration of these repetitive joint injuries led Vinzenz to imagine an adaptive protective system to prevent these injuries from occurring. Thus, Vinzenz’s personal set-backs led to the development of something with the potential to reduce joint injuries for everyone in a dramatic way.

    Vinzenz Bichler connected with Max Müseler and Timo Stumper to establish a core team to help carry out his vision. Early success in research technology in the Department of Medical Technology at TU Berlin led to early funding from the EXIST Founding fellowship. The entrepreneurial concept was further validated by investment from BFB Brandenburg Capital GmbH and other angel investors with backgrounds in speciality medicine. Betterguard’s unique innovation was recognized with financial support from a joint project combining the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (KMU-innovate ). Berlin was chosen as the perfect launch pad for an ambitious start-up, and the exciting journey began.

    Our Culture

    We are all united through the product. Short decision, flexible structures and regularly tests on field enable every colleague to be a creator, decision maker, product designer and tester all in one. Every person is an integral partner in the creation process and production of our products as it becomes market ready.


    Founder Max Mueseler

    Max Müseler
    M.Sc. Biomedical engineering

    Finances and
    Quality Management

    Founder Vinzenz Bichler

    Vinzenz Bichler
    Dipl.-Ing. (graduate engineer) Plastics engineering
    M.Sc. Biomedical engineering


    Timo Stumper
    M.Sc. Bionic, Locomotion of

    Director Production and Development

    Partner and Awards