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    History and mission

    Who invented it? Vinzenz Bichler! The passionate soccer player was spending far too much time on the bench due to his many injuries. Seeing players from his favorite team suffering from the same injuries only made things worse. The frustration of these repetitive joint injuries led Vinzenz to imagine an adaptive protective system to prevent them from ever occurring. Thus, Vinzenz’s personal setbacks led to the development of something with the potential to reduce joint injuries for everyone in a dramatic way.

    Vinzenz Bichler connected with Max Müseler and Timo Stumper to establish a core team to help carry out his vision. Early success in research technology in the Department of Medical Technology at TU Berlin led to early funding from the EXIST Founding fellowship. The entrepreneurial concept was further validated by investment from BFB Brandenburg Capital GmbH and other angel investors with backgrounds in specialty medicine. Betterguard’s unique innovation was recognized with financial support from a joint project including the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (KMU-innovate).

    The first cooperation, started in the year 2018, was with soft supports manufacturer Juzo (Julius Zorn GmbH). It will result in a new and innovative product with integrated Betterguards Technology that will be available before the end of 2019.

    B2B – Our business model

    We supply manufacturers with our technology – the so-called Betterguards System – and our partners deliver the finished product. With Betterguards inside.

    With our Betterguards System, we also provide partners with our service of knowledge and experience how to expertly integrate our safety and comfort advantages into your product without compromising performance. Additionally, we suggest materials, kits, and manuals so our partners can work with our technology in the most efficient way.

    The founders

    Timo Stumper

    Timo Stumper

    M.Sc. Bionic, Locomotion of

    Vinzenz Bichler

    Vinzenz Bichler

    Dipl.-Ing. (graduate engineer) Plastics engineering
    M.Sc. Biomedical engineering

    Max Müseler co-founder of Betterguards

    Max Müseler

    M.Sc. Biomedical engineering

    The Betterguards team

    Our values

    Our Company Values are a key component for our mission to protect people from injuries. Short decision-making processes, flat hierarchies, and frequent product testing allow each employee to be a creator, decision-maker, and developer altogether. Every team member contributes their part to fulfill our mission.


    Our partners

    We stay deeply grateful for the many people and institutions that followed us on our path the last years and will continue to do so in the future.


    Die Brückenköpfe
    Brandenburg Kapital


    Julius Zorn GmbH
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    Europäische Union FondsTU Berlin