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Betterguards is a winner of the Lightweight Award 2023 in the category "Healthcare"

Betterguards is a winner of the Lightweight Award 2023 in the category "Healthcare"

On May 24, 2023, the Lightweight Awards were presented for the first time in Berlin. Companies from Berlin could enter five different categories for the Innovation award for lightweight solutions apply.

Betterguards competed in the Healthcare category. The new form of bandage works like a safety belt for the ankle and thus prevents ankle injuries . The bandage remains motionless during normal movements and only stabilizes the ankle during critical movements such as twisting the ankle. This lightweight product aims to enable greater acceptance compared to preventive products and thereby to relieve the health system .

Conventional solutions achieve the protective effect through the extensive use of resource and energy intensive solutions such as bulky and weight intensive Plastic splints, which are intended to counteract the injury-causing force when twisting. However, this comparatively outdated "knight's armament approach" has clear deficits in the form of a lack of freedom of movement on, which is essential for the performance of the athletes. Thanks to Betterguards' innovative lightweight construction approach, due to the intelligent principle of action that is unique worldwide completely dispensed with heavy components become.

How Betterguards wants to protect competitive sports in the long term

Just in competitive sport weight plays a crucial role. Hardly any athlete allows their joints to be protected with stiff, bulky products. Therefore, joints are often taped . However, athletes use up kilometers of tape per year, which is a high material consumption including enormous amounts of waste is equivalent to. The protective effect of a tape also wears off after about 25 minutes, with the tape sometimes being re-taped at half-time during the game, resulting in more waste. This is exactly where Betterguards comes in and offers people a comprehensive sustainable solution , which is characterized by a durable product excellent. This can primarily prevent injuries occurring and thus essential Healthcare savings represent.

What the experts say

The Lightweight Innovation Awards are an initiative of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises. Franziska Giffey , Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises:

“Lightweight construction is a key technology of the future and Berlin is at the forefront of shaping this future. Berlin is already an important center for materials research and the development of lightweight construction applications. We want to make this potential visible with the Lightweight Innovation Award and further strengthen Berlin as a leading technology and business location.”

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