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    Adaptive modules


    Be inspired


    Adaptive protection build into your product


    Our portfolio is growing more diverse every day, enabling us to treat various fields of application with numerous approaches. Adaptor configurations vary by area of application and forces pressuring the specific joint. Recently, we came up with specific modules that are adjustable in their resistance-behavior. This allows the user to determine the degree of protection by him or herself – based on the current situation they are in.


    The slimline adaptor is our toughest and sturdiest module. It is capable of protecting the joints from forces well beyond 800 N and is roughly the size of your pinky. This very product is adjustable in its resistance and has the ability to be equipped with numerous variation of frames, allowing ideal integration into different products.


    The Fiber Adaptor is one of our most recent R&D projects. It is exceptionally thin, delicate and flexible, allowing customers to integrate it into almost any product effortlessly. The unique design will enable us to place the module into sheer materials like textiles or even athletic socks. The Fiber Adaptor represents the future of all adaptive modules at Betterguards Technology.


    Our ability to convert ideas and concepts into fully functioning products, is the foundation for the trust of our customers, when it comes to making the Betterguards Technology a part of their products. The gallery above depicts a selection of different product prototypes and applications containing our technology.

    Holding our product in your own hands allows you to get the best possible understanding and an actual feel for the technology. Feel free to visit us at our headquarters to be inspired, build a deeper understanding or share your specific ideas for improvement of our products with us.

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