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    From 09.03 through to 10.03.2017

    Lecture at the TAR Conference

    At the TAR Conference (http://tar-conference.eu/), Mr. Stumper presented the measurement results from Betterguards Technology’s artificial ankle model. This research is part of the BMBF-funded cooperative project between Betterguards and the Department of Medical Engineering of the TU Berlin, initiated by Professor Kraft.

    For publication (page 9).


    Betterguards official founding member of the textil+mode division of the BVDS

    together with the textil+mode association
    Together on the road to a textile and fashion industry 4.0 – textile and fashion startups establish in collaboration with the association textil+mode an expert group within the startup federation.

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    Funding through “Gründung Innovativ”

    Betterguards is currently funded through the program “Gründung Innovativ” by the Investment Bank of Brandenburg (ILB). This measure mainly concerns establishing the manufacturing facility in Teltow, which should be able to produce modules and assembly kits for custom-built orthoses and general products for the ankle joint in the near future.


    Startup of the Month – November

    Betterguards Technology GmbH has been awarded with the Startup of the Month by the association textil+mode in November. We feel truly blessed and are looking forward to a promising collaboration.

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    QM certificate ISO 9001:2015

    The successful quality management of Betterguards Technology GmbH has been verified with the official certificate ISO 9001:2015 on the 16th of October 2016.


    Funding through the KMU – innovative program for medical-technology

    Betterguards is being funded through the KMU-innovative program, which is run by the federal ministry for Education and Research. The aim of the funding program is to support the German medical-technology industry with payments in order to keep up with the high standards concerning technological advances.

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    ILB on board: Betterguards Technology GmbH convinced yet another investor

    Berlin/Teltow 03.12.2015 – The Betterguards Technology GmbH was able to convince yet another investor from the fund association BFB Brandenburg Kapital GmbH, which is being managed by the Investment Bank of Brandenburg (ILB). In addition to the ILB, which is involved with their equity fund in the company and leads the round as lead investor, two other business angels have invested in the company. The emerged capital is being used for technological advancements concerning ankle / knee injuries and for the establishment of the manufacturing facility in Brandenburg.

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    Funding through the program for Support of Research, Innovation and Technology

    Betterguards is being funded by the Investment Bank Berlin (IBB) for the project “Adaptiver Schutz für das Handgelenk” run by ProFIT. This very project is about the exploration of the overall Betterguards Technology aiming at establishing the modules into adaptive Systems for the wrist joint.

    This project has been co-funded by the European Funds for Regional Development (EFRE).

    The program Pro FIT is being executed by the IBB which is commissioned by the city of Berlin. The main goal is to elevate the research, development and innovation intensity, particularly in the political clusters concerning innovation as a whole.


    Tested and awarded

    Betterguards was evaluated as eligible by the BMWi program INVEST.

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    Betterguards has been awarded with the StarTUp-Label handed out by the TU Berlin

    The Technical University of Berlin handed out their StarTUp-Label to Betterguards. This Label is only being handed out to selected technology orientated companies that started their research and studies at the Technical University of Berlin. The Label implies that the overall business plan is profound and promising and that the founder team provides the entrepreneurial capabilities needed.


    Betterguards ends up first place at the business plan contest Berlin / Brandenburg

    Betterguards wins first place at the business plan contest 2014 run by the Investment Bank Berlin (IBB) in the category: Business Model Canvas.