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    Vinzenz Bichler, a passionate soccer player by nature, found himself in the last stretch of his studies, when an important player of his favourite team injured his upper ankle joint. Diagnosis: The player will be out for the next 10 games.

    Often, it is the small moments in life to which we feel emotionally attached and which turn out to be the impulse that inspires change. After several injuries to the ankle had forced Vinzenz to spend time on the sidelines himself, his desire to find a solution to the most common sports injury grew. Confronted with the rigid and static ankle protection systems the market offered at the time, the idea and concept of adaptive protection was born and Vinzenz center of life reallocated to Berlin. This marked the beginning of a highly innovative journey, in which the founder and co – founders were quick to turn nothing but a vision into reality.

    The successful research and development of the technology at the department of medical technology at the Technical University of Berlin was fundamental for the participation at the EXIST-Gründerstipendium program. The following funding through Business Angels from the Med. Tech. sector and the investment company BFB Brandenburg Kapital GmbH, confirmed the entrepreneurial concept. Simultaneously, the joint research project with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF: KMU-innovative) and the Pro FIT anchor project in cooperation with the Investment Bank Berlin (IBB) were successfully launched.

    It has been over two years now, since we began our journey from a little one-room office at the Technical University of Berlin and we are more than excited to see where it will take us. However, one thing is for sure: we are just getting started!


    “Our employees are our biggest asset” – we are specifically opposed to the use of standardizes phrases like the one above. This is mainly due to the fact that our employees are much more than that – they are our biggest strength. At Betterguards passion is versatile. Our innovative engineers do not just sit in front of their computers, glued to their CAD and our senior management and executives do not just fill their days entirely with Excel calculations.

    What connects us all on a level apart from our core competences, is our passion for sports and nature. Our employees are not just assets on a balance sheet – they are creators, decision makers, athletes, product designers, developers and testers. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be doing what we love and to be able to obtain our business relationships with all the great partners we have had the pleasure working with so far.


    As an innovative supplier of technology, we at Betterguards are aiming at progressive improvement. In order to make sure that our products contain the highest level of quality possible, we are constantly trying to optimize our work procedures and strategies. The principle here is to avoid errors in the first place instead of tyring to make up for them later on.

    The certificat proves that Betterguards holds a quality management system (DIN EN ISO  9001) for the development and manufacturing of orthopedic sports products.

    Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 


    Max Müseler
    Max MüselerM.Sc. Biomedizinische Technik
    Finanzen & Qualitätsmanagement
    Vinzenz Bichler
    Vinzenz BichlerDipl. -Ing. Kunstofftechnik, M.Sc. Biomedizinische Technik
    Timo Stumper
    Timo StumperM.Sc. Bionik, Lokomotion in Fluiden
    Leitung F&E
    Alexander G. V. Fischer
    Alexander G. V. FischerGeschäftsführer der Fischer Management Beratungs GmbH & InTerQM GmbH