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     Joint protection


    An intelligent fluid


     Adaptive modules


    Integrate our technology into your product


    Roughly 27 Million people all over Europe suffer from ankle joint injuries annually.

    Our concept of adaptive ankle protection, confutes the current market assumption, that protection inevitably means restricting freedom of movement. We at Betterguards Technology are certain that ankle protection does not have to be a limitation! Our adaptive systems ensure unrestricted movement and solely intervene in critical situations, when protection is really needed.

    We are developing and producing modules, which are utilizing the chemical properties of shear-thickening fluids. This allows our product to protect customers from overextending their ligaments, which can potentially lead to severe ankle sprain or other long term injuries.

    Whenever ankle protection is of importance, our state-of-the-art system provides the perfect product for all sorts of medical, athletic and orthopedic applications. In conclusion our technology stands for an extraordinary high level of protection, without ever neglecting comfort or freedom of movement.

    Our Aspiration: Protection. Comfort. Freedom of Movement.



    Betterguards is a pioneering medical-technology developer and supplier within the industry. Depending on the function and prerequisites, our systems are designed to:
    Shorten rehabilitation time
    Prevent customers from chronic ankle instability
    Regain confidence in everyday situations by providing the right amount of protection at all times

    Sports & Recreation

    Our progressive systems embody an optimal level of protection without any shortcomings in terms of comfort or freedom of movement. Especially individuals with a history that contains joint injuries, will benefit greatly from the preventative apparatus and will ultimately gain enough confidence for the upcoming challenges.

    Protection at work

    Due to the unique design of the Betterguards Technology, the application field is very broad and diverse, allowing us to integrate the product directly into workwear and most importantly into work boots that are being used at construction sites for example. This enhances general joint stability, body protection and of course your overall safety at your current workplace.


    Our patented Betterguards modules are filled with an intelligent shear-thickening fluid that reacts precisely at designed thresholds. The molecular characteristics of the fluid empower it to react faster than muscles and transmute into a solid state at critical points whilst staying fluid during natural movements. This makes it an adaptive safeguard technology that keeps you moving.

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    Intelligent material for intelligent products


    Betterguards develops and produces adaptive protection modules. Our products can be easily integrated into medical supply systems or conventional items of clothing.

    The field in which ankle injuries are highly possible is impressively broad. We at Betterguards Technology try to counteract this fact, by designing and building an adaptable product that can be used and integrated into numerous application areas.

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    Betterguards is a supplierer and service provider within the industry. Currently we are developing various adaptive modules which are being integrated into numerous products with the help of our cooperation partners. Whether it is bandages, ortheses, shoes, socks or gloves: the possibilities are endless. We at Betterguards have all the resources needed in order to make sure that your ideas will be materialized.

    In terms of making the most out of our potential, it is indispensable to find partners whose expertise, in combination with ours, lead to strong synergies and create exciting development projects.

    You are a part of the medical, textile or sports industry and share an interest for adaptive protection systems? If that is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We are open to collaborative work as we are always seeking to expand to new and untouched frontiers.